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d, a, t


most abused stimulant caffeine
appeal to athletes, students, and drivers amphetamines
legally used as a painkiller used for nose, ear, and throat. Obtained from the plant cocoa. cocaine
designer drug based on amphetamines ecstasy
found in beer, wine , and liquor alcohol
legal treatment for children with attention deficit disorder ritalin
cat tranquilizer ketamine
date rape drug rohypnol
acid LSD
angel dust PCP
"pot" is a hallucinogens, depressant, and stimulant Marijuana
very intense painkillers that re derived from opium narcotics
one of the most effective drug known for the relief of pain morphine
fumes from a wide variety of products that are inhaled for a temporary high inhalants
synthesized from oprum heroin
synthetic form of testosterone steroids
repeated, excessive indulgance in which a person has became depended on alcohol alcoholism
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