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Disease Unit

Summer Health

Absence of pigmentation in the eyes, skin, and hair Albinism
Very fairly colored hair, skin, and eyes; eyesight problems Albinism
Genetic mutation where melanin (coloring agent) is missing; Africans at higher risk. Albinism
D. Lifestyle adjustments, like UV protection, use of sunscreen and skin-protective clothing. No cure. Albinism
Inflammation of the appendix Appendicitis
High fever, painful urination, inability of bowel movements Appendicitis
Caused by inflammation or blockage of matter at the cavity. People ages 10-30. Appendicitis
Surgery (appendectomy) or draining of appendix Appendicitis
Deterioration of ligaments in joints Carpal Tunnel Disease
Weakness, pain, or tingling in joints Carpal Tunnel Disease
Caused by compression of the median nerve, found more in women; secretaries and those who use joints for jobs Carpal Tunnel Disease
Exercise, surgery, wrist splint, painkillers Carpal Tunnel Disease
Inflammation of the digestive system and bowels Crohn’s Disease
Abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, anemia Crohn’s Disease
Unknown causes; people ages 13-30, Jewish, and smokers at higher risk Crohn’s Disease
Medication and surgery Crohn’s Disease
Small objects made of cholesterol and bile, found in the gallbladder Gallstones
Fever, pain in abdomen, jaundice Gallstones
Unknown causes, those who are overweight are more likely to have it Gallstones
Surgery or letting the gallstone pass Gallstones
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