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healthcare 2

chpt 1 pt 2

ileum (plural) ilea
septum (plural) septa
bacterium (plural) bacteria
alveolus (plural) alveoli
bacillas (plural) bacilli
bronchus (plural) bronchi
vertebra (plural) bronchi
patella (plural) patellae
appendix (plural) appendices
varix (plural) varices
cervix (plural) cervices
cortix (plural) cortices
thorax (plural) thoraces
carcinoma (plural) carcinoma(s/)ta
sarcoma (plural)sarcoma(s/)ta
protozoon (plural) protozoa
spermatozoon (plural) spermatozoa
phalanx (plural) phalanges
larynx (plural) larynges
hypodermic decrease in skin/under the skin
leukemia loss of white blood cells
mycardial pertaining to heart muscles
thrombosis blood clotting disease
bronchus one tracheal subdivision for air
ileum 3rd portion of small intestine
pharynx between esophagus and mouth
prognosis foresite of disease stages
diagnosis determined nature of illness
psychosis catagorized mental disorder
atrium passageway of the heart
septum wall between two organ cavities
bacterium unicellular prokaryotic microrganism
bacillus one member of bacteria
vertebra one segment of spinal cord
patella front bone of knee
varix dilated vein/vessel
cortex outer part of organ
thorax front part of vertabrae between neck and abdomen
protozoon unicellular organasm
phalanx a long bone of the hand or foot
larynx voice box
Created by: terrilu