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Ch 15 MC1130

Telephone Procedures KeyTerms

telephone feature that dials numbers programmed into the system using codes; see also "speed dial" automatic dialer
telephone equipment that allows callers to self-select their call destinations via an automated, electronic prompt system automatic routing unit
telephone feature that forwards incoming calls to other numbers call forwarding
telephone feature that allows parties in different locations to participate in on call conference call
telephone number that reaches a person directly rather than an operator or receptionist direct telephone lines
patient whom the medical office has seen previously established patient
telephone answering message that fails to identify the receiver specifically generic message
headset or headphones with a speaker and microphone that allow users to participate in calls w/o picking up the phone's receiver hands free telephone device
telephone feature that allows the user to place one call on hold and take another hold feature
telephone feature that dials the last number dialed from that telephone last number redial
to direct telephone calls to other numbers route
telephone feature that broadcasts the speaker's voice speakerphone
telephone feature that dials numbers programmed into the system using codes ; see also "automatic dialer" speed dial
notebook the administrative MA uses to properly handle calls from patients w/ potentially life-threatening conditions triage notebook
process of prioritizing patients based on need triaging
ADA americans with disabilities act
HIPAA health insurance portability and accountability act
TTY teletypewriter system
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