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Ch 15 MC1130

Telephone Procedures part ii

telephone triaging involves _________ _________ _________ based on the __________ of the need complaints considered emergencies, attention
life threatening emergencies that require urgent care:(1) -chest pain -heavy bleeding -pregnant woman bleeding -high fever on infant or child -severe asthma attacks -shortness of breath -poisoning/allergic reaction
life threatening emergencies that require urgent care:(2) -broken bone -loss of consciousness -suicidal tendencies/harm others
often triage _________ are used notebooks
_________ are usually involved in constructing these triage notebooks physicians
a ______ _______ categorizes emergency situations presented in phone calls to the office triage notebook
handling emergency calls while in the office MA should obtain patient's ________, ________, and _________ name, age, gender
while handling emergency calls in the office, immediately inform the _________ of the emergency call: physician will often take emergency calls physician
while handling an emergency call without a physician in office, MA should -have a coworker to call 911 -MA should stay on the line with patient to give information to coworker and so on to emergency services -MA should let patient know that emergency help is on their way
with an emergency in the office a physician may request ________ ________ to be called to the office emergency services
with an emergency n the office the physician may obtain the patient's _________, ________, _________, description of the problem, and request emergency service name, age, gender
with an emergency in the office office's _________ and ________ should be listed near the phone- provide floor, suite, or office numbers when appropriate phone number, directions
angry callers must be dealt with _________ and ________ professionalism, calmness
with angry callers an understanding voice and a/an _________ can usually _________ an angry caller courtesy, calm
with angry callers do not stan for _________ _________ verbal abuse
________ ________ must be documented in patient's chart angry callers
physicians must be made aware of ________ ________ regarding angry patients finding resolution
grieving or emotional patients calls are _________ in nature and must be __________ in the patient's chart emotional, documented
charting calls include: (a patient who) -cancels appt and doesn't reschedule -is in the hospital -has died -not returning for appointment cannot afford to keep their appt, fill prescriptions, see physician
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