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Ch 15 MC1130

Telephone Procedures part i

medical offices calls could range from ________ ________ to _________ schedule appointments, emergencies
MA should always remain calm, regardless of the _________ of the caller demeanor
the first _______ of _______ between the medical office and a patient is a/an _________ ________ contact, patient, telephone procedure
to ensure a good impression: always be ________ and ________. answer the telephone by the ________'s ________ and then yourself. professional, polite, office's name
multifunction telephone systems require ____ ________ MA training
telephone feature that allows MA to conduct calls away from telephone system, place little stress on the body hands free devices
phone feature that stores up to 100 programmed numbers which are easily accessed w/the touch of a button automatic dialer or speed dial
dials the last number called, also w/the touch of a single button last number redial
phone feature that allows more than two parties to speak on the same phone line at the same time conference call
phone feature that allows more than one person in the same location to participate in a telephone call speakerphone
phone feature that routes incoming phone calls to another telephone number call forwarding
feature used after business hours to direct incoming calls to an answering service call forwarding
feature which broadcasts the speaker's voice from the unit, helps when more than one party at the same location wishes to participate in a telephone conversation speakerphone
feature that eliminates hold times because they allow the caller to be routed directly to the desired party, medical offices must have multiple phone lines direct telephone lines
patients calls a main number then choose an extension to dial to reach their desired party, may be a long wait periods on caller or require a lot of steps to reach desired extensions automatic routing units
feature that places caller on hold so users can complete other tasks hold feature
phone "additional" feature that automatically calls to patients to remind the patient of an appointment electronic appointment reminder
phone "additional" feature that prevents long wait periods, patient calls and choose a number for the type of service needed, then patient records name, phone #, and hangs up automatic reverse dial
answering services are used when the medical office is _______ : before and after hours and lunchtime closed
answering services forward patients messages to the ________ ________ appropriate parties
medical offices should only use answering services with __________ ____ ___________ experienced in healthcare
physician's _________ _________ must be left with the answering service should contact him/her with a patient emergency after office hours contact information
Created by: ricrom81