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Ch 13 MC1130

Front Desk Reception part ii

the MA should _________ through the reception room throughout the day to throw away _________ and collect items "left behind" by patients circulate, garbage
if necessary, the MA should ask children to remain ________ quiet
patients should be instructed that ________ should not enter the medical office food
there should be enough seating for _____ _____ worth of patients and their companions per _________ one hours, physician
_________ should be sturdy and comfortable, as well as easy to "clean and maintain" furniture
office ______ should be tasteful and reflect the office's patient base decor
reading material should be ________, current, and in good condition tailored
being in line with federal patient confidentiality law is being ________ compliant HIPAA
a list of activities or steps to take to perform a task is a __________ checklist
a place in the medical office where the receptionist welcomes patients as they enter is called ________ ________ front desk
the medical staff member who greets patients, answers the telephone and directs office flow is the ___________ receptionist
the paper or electronic document on which patients sign their names upon entering the office is the ______-_____ _______ sign in sheet
a/an _________ _________ is the agreed upon standard for handling a situation or procedure in the office office policy
a __________ animal is an animal that has been trained to assist a person with a handicap service
a _________ is a predetermined amount of money a patient must pay for each physicians visit copayment
the ___________ ________ __________ __________ is a federal law that outlines appropriate treatment or accommodations for patients or employees with disabilities americans with disabilities act
the reception area is the __________ _________ for patients in the medical office waiting area
something that is dangerous or possibly dangerous is considered a ___________ hazard
many offices use _________ or encounter forms to track fees charged to patients superbills
Created by: ricrom81