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Ch 13 MC1130

Front Desk Reception part i

a ________ outlines the steps for each procedure checklist
opening staff should arrive at least ________ prior to the first schedule patient 30 minutes
opening office includes ________ the security system, keep the front door _______ until the office officially opens, contact the ________ ________ and respond to phone calls as necessary disarm, locked, answering service
make sure the reception area is _______, verify that patient charts have been _______ for the morning appointments clean, pulled
when closing the office you should ______ charts for patients scheduled for the following morning, ________ telephone lines to the office answering system, turn off all ________ and lights, lock the doors, and ________ office alarm system pull, transfer, machinery, enable
patient files are prepared at the _____ of a business day, in preparation for the ________ _________ end, next morning
_________ must be created for new patients files
the number and types of __________ vary from office to office paperwork
all offices include in their patient charts, a ________ form, _________ authorization agreement compliance, HIPAA
administrative staff must verify that the following reports are accounted for and filed -lab results reports -pathology reports -diagnostic reports
patients files must be kept in a _________ location to ensure __________ out of sight, confidentiality
the receptionist should ________ and greet all who enter the office, acknowledge all patients, even if he or she is busy with another task smile
if insurance has changed, copy _________ sides of the new insurance card both
confidential discussions with patients must be conducted out of the _________ _________ of other patients hearing range
patient sign-in sheets must be __________ compliant HIPAA
notify patients when a physician's schedule is delayed _____ minutes or more 20
attempt to reach patients _________ to their arrival at the office, or ___________ ________ their arrival before, immediately upon
attempt to ________ the patient's concern-or find another staff member who can help address
patients with certain ______-_______ _______ or _______ _______ should not be expected to wait in a reception area life-threatening conditions, contagious illnesses
patients who should be moved to an exam room upon check-in include, patients with a __________ disease such as children with chicken pox contagious
the reception room should be kept ________ and free of _______ noise clean, loud
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