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Ch 22 MC1130

Office Policies & Procedures part ii

regulates infection control and quality improvement and risk management procedures? OSHA and HIPAA
know how infection control, quality improvement and risk management procedures must be kept? in separate neotebooks
how often infection control, quality improvement and risk management procedures must be reviewed and updated..... regularly
know what the policy and procedures manual should begin with a.... mission statement
what many medical offices "do" to their mission statement? frame and hang for patients to see in lobby
after the mission statement, policy and procedure manuals should break down the office's structures in a/an...... organizational chart
know what should be documented for "employee reference"? any clinical procedure that requires patient intervention
what additional information from a patient is in a clinical procedure? patient's education, documentation and infection control
administrative procedures should include topics such as..... - opening and closing the office - inventory supply ordering - appointment scheduling - insurance benefit verification - patient's record release - medical record management
infection control procedures should include topics such as.... -biohazards waste disposal -employee needle stick injuries -employee exposure to infectious materials -employee education for infection control -OSHA required documentation -local, state and federal reports required for infectious agents
to release medical records to the PATIENT you must follow....part 1 -verify identity w/ ID -obtain signature on release record form -make sure release form is dated -check for changes on release form -check if patient checked boxes allowing release info about HIV/AIDS -
to release medical records to the PATIENT you must follow....part 2 -pull patients record -photocopy only parts according to any limitations noted by patient -send copies to patient -make a note in patient's file when the records were released -file the original signed release form
who mandates "infection control procedures" ??? OSHA
infection control procedures must be part of.... (what plan?) exposure control plan
know how must be kept an "office exposure control plan"??? separate from other procedure manuals
the "exposure control plan" must be available to a/an..... OSHA inspector
why "quality improvement" and "risk management" procedures are designed for??? to reduce patient/staff injury in the medical office
according to whom "quality improvement" and "risk management" procedures must be kept in a separate notebook that is clearly marked and updated regularly??? HIPAA
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