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Ch 22 MC1130

Office Policies & Procedures part i

document containing information about a topic brochure
required (mandatory) compulsory
statement that describes the medical office's reason for existing mission statement
breakdown of the chain of command in business organizational chart
compilation of employment policies for an office; also called an "employee handbook" personnel manual
statement of guidelines or rules on a given topic; guidelines or rules for an issue policy
describes how to perform a task or project; steps to perform a task or project procedure
HIPAA health insurance portability and accountability act
OSHA occupational safety and health administration
know why policies and procedures are made? to make sure employees know how to perform their jobs correctly
know when the MA should be given access to the clinic's policy and procedure manual? upon hire
what will guide the MA as he/she learns the job & will continue to be a resource throughout employment in that facility? policy and procedure manual
know who is responsible for educating patients? every member of staff
know how printed materials must be in a policy and procedures manual? accurate and free of typographical errors
depending on the cultural makeup of an office, patients brochures may........ be printed in various languages
also called an "employee handbook", lists the rule and regulations that apply to all staff in the medical office. personnel manual
what information does the personnel manual breaks down? health benefits, life and disability insurance, etc
how does the physician or office manager create a personnel manual? by listing desired manual items
what is important to keep in mind for all material in a personnel manual to ensure all policies are within legal boundaries? federal and state laws
how often an employee handbook should be updated? on a regular basis
each policy and procedure manual should contain: - mission statement - organizational chart - personnel policies - clinic procedures - administrative procedures
what is the purpose of the table of "contents"? to direct readers to desired page
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