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CH 20 MC1130

The Office Environment part iiI

what type of written plan OSHA requires each medical office to have to minimize exposure to infectious materials the exposure control plan
listing of job classifications within office to determine at risk-employees in an exposure control plan exposure determination
measures to reduce risk of exposure in a exposure control plan method of compliance
evaluation & follow-up w/ steps to follow when an incident occurs in an exposure control plan post-exposure
how long an employee record must be kept on file after the employee's termination 30 years
who issued recommendations for protection of health care workers centers for disease prevention and control
know the name of the CDC's recommendations universal precautions
know how all blood & body fluids should be treated as if they were contaminated w/ any bloodborne pathogen
know the commonly noted diseases related to bloodborne exposure hiv and hbv
what a simple kit should include kitty litter, dust pan and biohazard bag
what "ergonomics" is information about human body mechanics the design of objects & overall environments for human use
what :body mechanics" is coordination of body alignment, balance, and movement, part of MA's training
where the most common problem for ergonomics exists the computer workstation
what should be done whenever keys are missing all locks must be changed
know what unusual occurrence or accident is referred to an incident in the medical setting
examples of incidents patient falls on floor housekeeping employee is stuck w/ a needle prescription pad is missing patient receives wrong medication patient loses personal property while in office missing syringes or needles from supply cupboard employees purse is missi
who should be immediately notified when an incident occurs the supervisor
know the name of the report required when an incident report occurs incident report
know what color ink should be used on the reports black ink
who has defined 8 essential elements of quality care the american medical association
process of gathering & evaluating information about the services provided and comparing this information w/ an accepted standard typically referred to as a benchmark quality assurance
laboratory category set up by CLIA, which incorrect test results pose little risk for patient testing simple testing
laboratory category set up by CLIA, which poses risk to patients if there is an incorrect test result intermediate level testing (level ii)
laboratory category set up by CLIA, which poses high risk to patient if there is an incorrect test result complex testing (level iii)
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