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CH 20 MC1130

The Office Environment part i

government agency responsible for the safety of all employees of the U.S. OSHA
OSHA stands for occupational safety and health administration
How OSHA ensures safety by setting and enforcing standards; by providing training, education and encouraging improvement in workplace safety and health
know about OSHA's authority they can inspect a workplace w/o notification and levy fines on any deficiencies relating to safety and health of employees
Know the mistake many offices believe about OSHA that their only issue concerns to all bloodborne pathogens standards
any issue that could affect the health/safety of an employee workplace hazard
anything that can cause injury or damage to a group of people disaster
some disasters in the medical office fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, hurricane, explosion
when "new hires" should be trained in emergency steps within the first day of employment
what shows all exits, fire extinguishers & stairwells floor plans
what type of drill is needed to allow employees to act appropiately fire drill
which type of extinguishers is capable of putting out many fires ABC fire extinguisher type
what should be test regularly in the medical office smoke detectors and sprinkler systems
how often fire drills should be held at least once a year
when is the ideal time to hold a fire drill during a mandatory staff meeting
acronym used to help remember what to do in case of a fire RACE
what RACE stands for Rescue, Alert, Confine, Extinguish
know the widespread policy now in place in medical facilities smoking safe disposals systems should be placed outside in designated areas to prevent people from throwing cigarrettes into wastebaskets or trash
Created by: ricrom81