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Pathology One

Name a neoplasm

For malignant epithelial neoplasms carcin
For malignant mesenchymal neoplasms Sarc
Glandular Adeno
Fingerlike Papillo
Fibrous aspects Fibro
Slime Myxo
Cartilage Chondro
Bone Osteo
Smooth muscle Leiomyo
Skeletal muscle Rhabdomyo
Schwann cells Schwanno
Blood vessel Hemangio
Lymph vessel Lymphangio
Highly reactive capillary tissue in fingers and toes glomangio
synovial synovio
pericardium, pleura mesothelio
meninges meningio
lymph lympho
Plancenta chorio
cells that stain different colors Pheochromocyto
Filled with air or fluid Cysto
Glandular/cyst structure cystadeno
Bile channel Cholangio
Terato monster
Rapidly dividing tissue that is VERY poortly differentiated Blastoma
Hard Schirrous
Harden tissue around it Desmoplastic
Loss of differentiation Anaplastic
Greatest femal cancer cervix
greatest male cancer hepatocellular carcinoma
most common men/women cancer death lung
Sticks out Exophytic
Grows into tissue Endophytic
Generally throughout organs Infiltrating
Most common metastasis sites (5) 1. lymph nodes 2. lung 3. liver 4. brain 5. bone
Individual cells spread around neoplasm at micro level microinvasion
Initiate new bone formation prostatic adenocarcinomas
Neoplasms stimulate growth of host blood vessels Angiogenesis
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