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CH 1 MC1130

Medical AssistIng Profession Review part ii

inability to digest, often w/ pain in GI tract indigestion
prediction of outcome of an illness; meaning: "knowledge before" prognosis
dead body used for dissection, study, and tissue samples cadaver
study of the incidence, spread, and control of disease in a population epidemiology
a person who practices in a profession, such as medicine practitioner
method of numbing a body area or rendering an individual unconscious anesthesia
early method of general anesthesia, thought to be safer than chloroform ether
substance that prevents the growth and reproduction of bacteria & viruses antiseptic
practice of preventing the growth & reproduction of bacteria & viruses antisepsis
process that uses heat to destroy bacteria pasteurization
understanding of and sensitivity to feelings, thoughts, & experiences of others. empathy
program designed to give students skills w/o higher education; also known as "Technical Educational Program" vocational programs
program designed to give students skills w/o higher education; also known as "Vocational Program" technical educational program
educational institution that provides 2-year undergraduate education community college
degree awarded by community colleges after a roughly 2-year course of study associate degree
competency office functions (computer operation, medical records management, billing and coding) administrative competencies
competency direct patient care (drawing blood, taking vitals, assisting w/ surgery) clinical competencies
final phase of an accredited-medical-assisting program externship
Created by: ricrom81