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Ch 1 MC1130

Medical AssistIng Profession Review part i

Year Medical Assisting received professional recognition 1955
Knowledge a MA must have -knowledge about the profession -evolution in science along w/ practical skills to work in a fast- paced-setting
where was EARLY SCIENCE was developed from? Plants & Animals
trepanning drilling a hole into the patient's skull to release evil spirits
what are the 5 early Chinese methods of a patient treatment 1. Cure patient's spirit 2. nourish patient's body 3. give medication as needed 4. treat the entire body, not just the illness 5. use acupuncture
who were the earliest & most effective medical practitioners? Native Americans
what was the highest form of bravery by Native Americans? suicide
what Hippocrates believed? that disease was caused by natural causes & not by supernatural forces
what Hippocrates referred to as the 4 humors? he believed the 4 elements (earth,air,water,fire) were the 4 humors or BODY FLUIDS. (blood,phlegm,black & yellow bile) GOOD HEALTH DEPENDS ON KEEPING THE HUMORS BALANCED WIHIN THE BODY
what Hippocrates taught his philosophy based on? -diets -exercise -moderation -rest -positive outlook
what was Dr Semmelweiss' experiment? "PHYSICIANS TO WASH THEIR HANDS BEFORE TREATING WOMEN IN CHILDBIRTH". And reduced the rate of women death who delivered in hospitals
who prevented anthrax transmission & discovered the vaccines for rabies. Louis Pasteur
hospital category that ranges from 10-100s of beds, found in every U.S. community, nearly 5000 documented by AHA General or Community Hospitals
hospital category near University Medical Schools, have medical students, interns, etc under physician supervision, these facilities offer same services as General Hospitals Teaching Hospitals
hospital category that offers care to certain (special) patient type (children/pediatrics, burn victims, psychiatric patients, drug or alcohol rehab centers. Specialty Hospitals
hospital category that treats patients while researching certain diseases types, these hospitals include "Cancer Research Facilities", "Shriner's Hospitals" (for children w/ spinal cord injuries, cleft palate, burns, orthopedic conditions) Research Hospitals
who wrote "The Code of Ethics for Physicians" in 1847? the American Medical Association (AMA)
what "The Code of Ethics for Physicians" cover? - integrity - responsability to society and community - respect for human dignity - lifelong study - professional autonomy, or self-rule
Created by: ricrom81