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Chapter 20

Period from childhood to adulthood Adolescence
The time when a person begins to develop certain traits of adults of his or her own gender Puberty
Chemical substances that are produced in glands and that help regulate many of your body's functions Hormones
The traits related to a person's gender Sex Characteristics
Reproductive cells Gametes
The ability to reason and think out abstract solutions Cognition
The state at which the physical body and all its organs are fully developed Physical Maturity
The state at which the mental and emotional capabilities of an individual are fully developed Emotional Maturity
The ability to experience a caring, loving relationship with another person with whom you can share your innermost feelings Emotional Intimacy
A promise or a pledge Commitment
How well a person adjusts to marriage and his or her spouse Marital Adjustment
The legal process of taking a child of other parents as one's own Adoption
Able to make correct decisions about behavior when adults are not present to enforce rules Self-Directed
Love without limitation or qualification Unconditional Love
Critical changes that occur at all stages of life Transitions
The feelings of sadness or loneliness that accompany children's leaving home and entering adulthood Empty-Nest Syndrome
Firm adherence to a moral code Integrity
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