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Cos 14-1

Cos Learning module 14-1

What a good designer always dose before beginning a project sees/visualizes finished product
element of Hair Design line-defines form and space-element of Hair Design
element of Hair Design Form-outling of hairstyle-element of Hair Design
element of Hair Design Space-area the hairstyle occupies-element of Hair Design
element of Hair Design Texture-wave patterns-element of Hair Design
element of Hair Design Visually and phycholocically-element of Hair Design
Type of line Horizontal-creates width-Type of line
Type of line Vertical-creates length and height-Type of line
Type of line Diagonal-between horizontal and vertical lines-Type of line
Type of line Curved-softens design-Type of line
Define contradsting lines horizontal and vertical lines meet an 90 degrees
Defing transitional lines Curved line-blends horizontal and vertical lines
Light colors and warm colors create the illusion of _____________________ volume
Dark colors and cool colors __________________ or ____________________ in toward the hear, creating the illucion of less _________________ receide, move in, volume
This type of hair reflects light better than other wave patterns One-length/straight
Using too many wave pettern combinations together could create a look that is overly_______________ busy
Principle of hair design Proportion-comparative relationship-principal of hair design
Principle of hair design balance-equal proportions-principal of hair design
Principle of hair design Rhythem-recurrent pattern-principal of hair design
Principle of hair design Emphasis-draws the eye-principal of hair design
Principle of hair design Harmony-creates unity-principal of hair design
Define asymmetrical balance 2 sides different lengths, different volume
What are 4 ways to create emphasis wave patterns, color, change in form, ornamentation
Your job is to ____________________ a client's BEST features and ___________________ thoes features that DO NOT add to the person's attractiveness accentuate, downplay
What characteristics must be taken into account when creating a suitable hairstyle? Shahape of head, features, body posture/shape
List 7 facial shapes oval, round, square, triangular-pear, oblong, diamond, inverted triangle/heart.
Define profile outling of face/head form sideview
Define concave prominent forehead and chin
Define convex receding forehead and chin
Why must you be careful on how you use a part? focal point/eye is drawn
Greatest teacher at Upper Bucks Tech School Mr. Seader
Created by: UBtech