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health ex

Made for health exam

Crabes & Scabies Can be aquired by skin to skin contact and through sexaul contact as well.
The affects of Crabes and Scabies Symptoms: really bad itching and small red bumps
Crabes and Scabies Treaments & Type of STD Treatment: Steriods creams Type of STD: Parasite
Chlamydia Can be aquired by: Contact semen, pre-cum or vaginal fluids (live on cervix) can be transmited through oral sex
The affects of Chlamydia 7-21 days after contact, whitish discharge/drip for gentitals, pain during urination,Spotting(Blood) Also known as "Asyympotomatic Symstoms"
Chlamydia Treatments & Type of STD Treatments:Anibiotics ( Both have to be taken it at the same time and birth control stpos working) Type of STD:Bacterial
Gonorrhea (Known as the "Clap" or "Drip) Can be transmited by contact with semen, pre-cum, or vaaginal fluids/ live in the male urethra and the females crevix
The affects of Gonrrhea Yellowish/Greenish discharge/drip from the gentitals, abdomen pain, painduring urination, spotting(blood) Also known as "Asympotomatic symtoms"
Gonorrhea Treatments & Types of STD Treatment:Antibiotics Type of STD:Bacterail
Syphilis Can be transmited by contacted by with fluids and or open sore in first stage
The affects of Syphilis 3 stages (primary) 1 week- 3 months- painless ulcer called chancre(open sore) Secondary- red bumpy rash, typically on soles of feet and on palms of hands
Syphilis Treatments & Types of STD Treatment:Antibiotics Type of STD: Bacterial
HIV/AIDS Contact through: Blood, semen, vaginal fluids, pre-cum, and breast milk
The affects of HIV/AIDS Initial flu-like symptoms the virus attacks the cells that coordinate in the immune system there can be a varity of system
HIV/AIDS Treatments & Type of STD Treatment: No Cure!.. but can use Anti-retroviral drugs Type of STD: Viral
Herpes (Simplex 1&2) Can be transmited by: skin to skin contact through oral sex, and out breaks may never occur or may occur frequetly
The affects of Herpes Fluid Filled blisters on mouth and face(Herpes 1) Fluid filled blisters in gentital area(Herpes 2)
Herpes Treatment & STD type Treatment: no cure! Anti-retroviral STD Type: Viral
Hepatitis B Can be transmited through: Contact with blood, semen, vainal secreetions
The affects of Hepatitis B Symstoms: Inflammation of the liver,mild. Severe:fever, fatigue, nausea, pain. Later: laundice- yellow skin, pale feces, white eyes, dark urine.
Hepatitis B Treatments & Type of STD Treatment: no cure! Anti-retroviral drugs STD: Type: viral
HPV (Genital Warts) Human Papiloma Virus CAn be transmited be: skin to skin contact, there are over 170 strains lead to gential warts Some strains can lead to cervical cancer in women
The affects of HPV Symstoms: Raised or flat lesions on skin can be small or large often not visable
HPV Treatment & STD Type Treatment: No cure! But can use Anti-retroviral drugs Type of STD: Viral
Name the 3 Categories of STD's Bacteria (can be cured) Virus (CAn be treated in most cases) Parasites (can be cured on most cases)
Name to 5 body fluid STD's can be transmited through Blood, Semen, Pre- ejeculatory (pre-cum), vaginal fluid and breast milk
Adstinence Use: not having any type of sex, Is for male and female, and does protect against pregnancy and HIV/AIDS transmission
Implanon Use: is a thin plastic rode, is made only for females, and protects against prenancy but not HIV/AIDS transmission
Patch Use: is a patch with hormones that is applied to the skin Used for females only Protects agianst pregnancy but not agianst HIV/STD transmission
Oral Contraceptives (Birth control Pills) Use: has to be taken at the same time every day on the same hour is only used by females It protects agianst pregnancy but not agianst HIV/STD transmission
Depo(the shot) Use: Taken every three months/ in arm or butt and may gain weight 20+ iS ONLY Used by females protects agianst pregnancy but not agianst HIV/STD transmission
Condom w/ Spremicide Use: a male condom with spermicide on it it is only used by the male Protects agianst Pregnancy and HIV/STD Transmission
Condom Alone Use: A sheath the covers the erect penis and collects sperm when it is released. is uesd only by males protects agianst HIV/STD transmission
Plan B Used: is a high dose of birth control and must be used within 72 hours used by only females protects agianst pregnancy but not HIV/STD transmission
Female Condom Use: is a pouch that is inserted iin the virginia before intercourse. Is used only by females Protects agianst pregnancy and HIV/STD transmission
Spermicide Use: is a chemical; and you put it in the virginia before having sex. is mostly used by females Protects agianst pregnancy but not HIV/STD transmission
Withdrawal Use: A male removes his penis before ejaculating. is normally used by males Sometimes protects agianst pregnancy but not agianst HIV/STD transmission
Gardasil Use: is a vascien for HPV/ you get about 3 shots of them Both male and female can use this protects agianst HIV/STDS but not agianst pregnancy
Nuva Ring Use: is flexiable ring that contians hormones is used only by females protects against pregnancy but not HIV/STD transmission
virus a treatable STD that is not curable
Epidemic occuring in large numbers (ex. HIV)
Bacteria This type of STD can be treated by antibiotics
Fallopian tube is a place where fertilization takes place
Sperm A male sex cell
Cervix the opening of the urterus to the outside of the body
Syphilis this STD is transferred through a chancre sore; 3 stages
Ova The female sex cell
Asymptomatic showing no signs or symptoms
Ovaries where the eggs are stored
Adstinence The only 100% way to protect agianst STD's and pregnancy
Gonorrnea STD called the "clap"
The male sex organ penis
This STD may be transferred through 5 body fluids HIV
The type of birth control the protects agianst STD's and pregnancy Barrier
Useally an asymptomatic STD Chlymidia
Where the sperm is stored testes
What can happen whe to eggs are released an fertilized You have twins
This STD parasite (sounds like tick) Tric
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