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Health Policy

HS 3400B Final Exam

What are the 5 i's? Institutions, interests, ideas, ideologies, instruments
What are the 5 priorities of Harper's majority government? 1) Federal Accountability Act, clean up government 2) Lower taxes for working canadians 3) Strengthen justice system 4) More daycare spaces 5) Address fiscal imbalances and wait times in health care
What is a grand issue? National/international
What is an ordinary issue? Provincial/municipal
Stages of public policy process Identification > formulation > adoption > implementation > evaluation
What is a "federation"? A system in which the functions of government are divided between 2 or more levels
Who is the current Governor General? David Johnston
Who reads the speech from the throne? Governor General
3 Kinds of bill government, private members, and private
Which kind of bill almost always passes Government and private
Which kind of bill almost never passes Private members
A "recognized party" has a minimum of ___ seats 12
What is the poverty gap? Income required to bring up to poverty line
what does patriating mean? constitutional change
What are the stages of the policy making process? initiation > formulation > execution > implementation > evaluation
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