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Pharmacology Stacks

Ointment with adhesive substace Paste
water soluable based with medicine cream
list of medical conditons for which medicine is to be used Indications
descriptions of celullar changes that occur as a result of drug. Actions
Pain relief analgesic
fever reducer antipyretic
therapeutic, side, adverse, and toxic Effects of medication
Pts. reactivity is altered due to previous contact with drug acting as antigen or allergen Allergies
Main organs weakened or impaired from toxic effects of medicine Liver and Kidneys
When a pt. takes more medicen prescribed by his/her doctor Overdose
Finding healthy volunteers, give out drug to experimental pts. with disease intended, experiment on several thousand ill pts. with the disease intended to treat exactly the way it will be when approved by FDA Three phases of human testing
Physicians Desk Reference PDR
Manufacturers index, brand & generic name index, product ID guide, product info, and diagnostic product info. six main sections of the PDR(Physicians Desk Reference)
Has med. terms & definitions, med abbreviations & symbols, normal lab values, latin & greek nomenclature, phobias, and is translated into 3 languages Taber's Medical Dictionary
common or general name assigned to drug Ex: Acetaminophen Generic name
Pharmaceutical Co. name;copyrighted and exclusive. Ex: Tylenol Trade name
Oral, rectal, injections(intramuscular, intradermal, intravenous, and subcutaneous, topical, inhalent, sublingual, and intraosseous Routes of admn.
An oral or written record of a physician's order to pharmacist to dsipense medication to a pt. Prescription (Rx)
prescriber's name&tittle (MD,DDS,DMD...),office address, phone number, pts. name&address, pts. age, date Rx was written Script-written form
body of the Rx, indicates the drug name, strength, and dosege form Inscription
prescriber's name written clearly Signature
Drug Enforcement Agency DEA
Appropriate admin. route depends on... dosege form in which, the drug is available, the Pts. age, the Pts. condition e.g. level of consciousness, etc.
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