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Routes of Administration

The appropriate administration route depends on what? Dosage form thats available, patients age,and patient condition
What are the advantages of oral route of administration? easier to swallow, infants can be given this if in liquid form, unconsious patient can recieve this.
What are the disadvantages of oral route of administration? inactive by stomach acid, Quickly metabolized, have adverse reactions when mixed with certian food or liquid.
what is perental? Any other route other than oral.
what is intradermal? An injection of liquidm into the skin.
What is subcutaneous? An injection of liquid under the skin.
What can sucutaneous cause? slower absorption - less bloob vessuls
what is intramuscular? An injection into a muscle thats well supplied with blood vessuls.
What is an advantage of intramuscular? more rapid absorption, more than sudcutaneous
What are the 5 intramuscular injections? Deltoid (upper arm), vastus lateralis (midthigh lateral),retus femoris (midthigh anterior), ventrogluteal, and dorsogluteal
what is a diadvantage of untramuscular? Not always water soluable
what are the advantages for intravenous? theraputic effect seen right away, not need to be absorbed
what are the diasdvantages for intravenous? its an iv
what are the different kinds of intravenous injections? push, drip, and piggyback
what is sublingual? a tablet placed under tongue
what are the advantages of sublingual? drug absorbed quickly, and faster effect, not swallowed
what are the diadvantages of sublingual? dissolves slowly
what are the advantages of rectal medications? help constapation or hemorrhiods, referred route
what are the disadvantages of rectal medications? route is slow and unpredictable in effectivness
what types of medications are used with vaginal administration? creams and suppositories
what is topical medication? a cream or some sort applied to skin, or muccus membrans of eye, ear, nose, mouth
what is transdermal? applied to skin
what are the advantages of transdermal? felt systemiclly, subtained theraputic blood levels
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