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Phillibus route

Study for route of administration for Health Science 2

A route of administration in which the medication is absorbed directly through the skin. Typically a patch. Transdermal
Type of injection in which the medication is administered through the skin directly into the muscle. Intramuscular
Type of effect which is desired or intended, reflects the purpose of prescribing. Therapeutic
Undesired effects which may be harmful. Adverse
Effects which can be extremely harmful. Toxic
Taking more of a drug than prescirbed or advised. Overdose
Patient's reactivity is altered due to previous contact with drug acting as antigen or allergen. Allergies
Two organs that are affected by toxic buildup are the kidneys and the __________. Liver
The type of name for a drug which differs from all other drugs, reflects its chemical structure. Chemical
An injection directly into a vein. Intravenous
Route of administration in which a tablet is placed under the tongue to dissolve. Sublingual
The most convenient and commonly used route of administration. Oral
Any route other than oral. Parenteral
A injection given to the fatty layer of tissue just below the skin. Subcutaneous
A medical _______ is used to look up medical terms and definitions. dictionary
used to find out information about a particular drug. contains pictures of pills, trade names, and symptom listings. PDR
An injection that only enters the top layers of skin. Intradermal
A written order by a doctor that allows a patient to obtain non- over-the-counter medications. Prescription
during medical drug testing, not only sick patients need to be tested, but ______ patients as well. healthy
Not the brand name for a drug, sometimes it's just the chemical name of the drug. the ________ name. Generic
Created by: Phillibus