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Patient Education

Pat Ed YBI Chap 13 Terms

What is a nerve defect that results in the loss of speech? Aphasia
What is a sensation or phenomenon that signals the onset of an epileptic seizure or a migraine? Aura
What is pain in the head or a headache? Cephalgia
What is the ceaseless occurrence of involuntary muscular movements of the limbs or facial muscles? Chorea
What is possible bruising of the cerebral tissue that is caused by back and forth movement of the head? Concussion
What is an incision into the skull, usually to relieve pressure, to remove a lesion, or to control bleeding? Craniotomy
What is the loss of the myelin sheath of a nerve? Demyelination
What is double vision? Diplopia
What is an anesthetic injected into the epidural space around the spine? Epidural
What is involuntary contraction or twitching of muscles? Fasciculation
What is localized swelling filled with blood due to a broken blood vessel? Hematoma
What is paralysis affecting one side of the body? Hemiparesis
What is a chemical released by the terminal end fibers of an axon? Neurotransmitter
What is loss of nerve function below the waist and paralysis of the lower trunk and legs? Paraplegia
What is partial paralysis? Paresis
What is a loss of nerve function at the cervical region resulting in paralysis of the arms, hands, trunk, and legs? Quadriplegia
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