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Health - body system

body systems

Name the tube that air passes through in the neck trachea
Name the tubes that are the passage ways inside the lungs bronchial tubes
What is the name of the structure where air enters the blood vessels alveoli
Name the structure that controls breathing in and out diaphragm
Name the structure that releases digestive juices and mixes food stomach
What structure absorbs water and holds solid waste? large intestine
What tube carries food to the stomach? esophagus
What structure breaks down food and absorbs nutrients? small intestine
what occurs at a joint to produce movement? One muscle contracts while the opposite muscle relaxes
What happens when one muscle contracts and the opposite muscle relaxes at a joint? movement
Name 2 things that can increase your pulse rate exercise and stress
Name a body part with voluntary muscles arms
Name a body part with involuntary muscles stomach
What should you use when riding in a car? seat belt
What should you drink for strong bones and teeth? calcium
What do you need to do to keep you heart muscle strong? exercise
In order to keep blood vessels clear, you should eat less _____? fatty foods
Lift heavy objects by bending your knees and keeping your ______ straight. back
In order to protect your lungs from disease never___________. smoke or chew tobacco
You should eat ______ fruits and vegetable to help digestion more
A movement which happens befor the brain knows reflex
The liquid waste removed by the kidneys urine
To breath in air inhale
Tissues which connect bones together ligaments
Blood vessels carrying blood away from the heart artery
The speed at which the heart beats pulse
The water part of blood which cells float in plasma
Tissues which attach a muscle to a bone tendon
A thick bundle of nerves running down the back spinal cord
The force of blood pushing inside the blood vessel blood pressure
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