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CURATIVE MEDICAL CARE medical care that helps cure an already ill or infected person
PREVENTION EFFORTS health programs & behaviors that prevent illness from occurring
HEALTH a state of complete physical, mental & social well-being & not merely the absence of disease or infirmity
WHO World Health Organization
Public Health focuses on prevention efforts to keep us from getting sick (IE: quit smoking campaigns, crosswalks, etc)
What is the way society reaches out to protect the health of its most vulnerable members: Public Health
CASE a term used in health statistics to refer to each person who has a disease
T/F: the lack of a strong public health system can be the downfall of a society TRUE
QUARANTINE forced isolation of a person to prevent a disease from spreading--1st used in Mid. Ages
EPIDEMIC a term used to describe a disease that is widespread in a population--why boards of health created (1700's)
What year was 1st board of health created & where? 1793, Philadelphia
1798 Act for Relief of Sick & Disabled Seamen by J.Adams taxed $.20 sailor's salary to build & staff hospitals for seamen. became US Public Health Svc.
COMMUNICABLE DISEASE a disease that spreads from person to person; another term for Infectious Disease
1850 Shattuck's Report of Sanitary Comm. of Mass. established state/local health dept's to engage in sanitary inspections, vital stats, svc's for infants/child, food sani, comm. disease control.
1st STATE health dept when/where? Mass, 1869
ASSESSMENT the process of determining the health needs of a community (analyze why outcomes aren't met, collect/interpret data, monitor trends, evaluate outcomes.)
POLICY DEVELOPMENT the process of making a collective decision about what needs to be done to protect the community's health
ASSURANCE the process of making sure that correct actions are taken to protect community health
EPIDEMIOLOGY the study of the nature, cause, control & determinants of the frequency of disease, disability, & death in human populations. Also the study of the history of a disease & its distribution throughout a society (public health).
SURVEILLANCE the continuous search fo & documentation of disease in public health
What 3 key activities are needed to carry out Assessment, Policy development, & Assurance in Public Health? Epidemiology, Surveillance, & Montoring
SURVEILLANCE the continuous search for & documentation of disease in public health
What is another word for Epidiomologists? Disease detectives
MONITORING the reguar review of disease datat to determine changes in disease levels
Incidence # of new cases of a disease or event in a specific population
Morbidity # of cases of a specific disease in a specific period of timer per unit of population (usually expressed #per1000)
Mortality Rates # of people who have died from a given disease or event--collected/analyzed from death certs. Report pub. weekly by CDC for variety of diseases for illnesses/deaths
Prevalence total # of infected/affected people (cases) over a given period of time
Relative Risk How an individual's risk may change relevant to a specific factor (smokers,etc)
Risk Likelihood that someone will become infected/affected.
T/F: Health is a power granted to the federal gov. in the Constitution: FALSE
What 2 sections of the Constitution have been interpreted to allow Govt to intervene in the Nation's Health? Ability to TAX to provide for Gen. Welfare (supports Health programs) AND Ability to REGULATE COMMERCE--limit personal/property rights of individuals & businesses
What are the 5 key agencies of the DHHS (Dept of Health & Human Svc's)? FDA; CDC; SAMHSA--sub abuse/ment health; HRSA--HLTH RES.SVC ADMIN-health care low income/uninsured; CMS--CTR. MEDICARE/CAID SVCS
What are the 2 types of state public health bodies: Boards of Health (24 states) AND State Health Depts
What is the job of the Board of Health (24 states)? To oversee financing & policy development for for the state's dept. of health
What are the jobs of a state's dept of health? Carry out Natl/state Mandates. Manage enviro ed & pers health svcs. Respond to statewide health crisis. Set policies/standards for Prof's. Inspect Rest's & factories. Plan/Eval health programs. Oversee threats to community health.
Bioterrorism prevention is handled by who? CDC ....funded also by HRSA(both part of DHHS)
What are the responsibilities of LOCAL health dept's? delivery of svc's mandated by state or local statutes. Can be independent or part of State health dept.Rarely provide direct medical care (administrative/legal/inspect)
FOUNDATION type of non-profit organization that raises money & then distributes it to other organizations in support of their programs
What are some important non-govt. organizations that play an important role in public health? Red Cross; March of Dimes; Amer. Cancer Soc.; local foundations
According to CDC how much has life expectancy increased since 1900 due (mostly due to public health intervention) 30years (25 due to Pub hlth)
What 10 achievements have had the most impact on lowering death rates & decreasing illness & disability in US? Vaccinations; Safer Workplaces; Healthier mom/babies; Control infectious diseases; Heart/Stroke Prevent programs; Safer/healthier foods; Family planning; Motor vehicle safety; H2O Flouride; Tobacco seen as health hazard
INFECTIOUS DISEASE a disease that can spread from person to person..vs. a genetic disease or a disease that is not contagious
DRUG RESISTANT the term used to describe when a disease or bacteria is not affected or stopped by the use of common antibiotics & other drugs
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