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Medical Ethics

Unit 2

Absolute worth of a soul Negative self talk is addicting. Our worth comes from Heavenly Father & is thus divine. Performance is the not source of our worth.
Self Esteem People with a poor sense of self are mean, manipulative, & uncaring. Have faith.
Philosophically analyze worth vs. behavior from both metaphysical perspectives: absolute & relative. Relative: our reality and worth come from behavior. Absolute: our reality and our worth come from God.
If we know the worth of the soul is divine, why do we think our importance comes from what we do, how we look, etc. This is a worldly perspective. We must overcome the world.
Achievement self-esteem= Pride
Self-acceptance self-esteem= Humility
Why are people reluctant to believe that Heavenly Father loves them personally when they seem to agree that Heavenly Father loves His children? I'm not good enough.
What are specific barriers or obstacles to receiving God's love? Achievement self-esteem mindedness. If you don't love yourself, no one loves you.
What behaviors accompany thinking we need to earn our importance or worth? Extreme competitiveness.
How does the idea of earning exaltation distort our comprehension of the Atonement? We cannot earn exaltation, and trying will make us feel worse. We need the atonement.
How are the concepts of earning worth and earning exaltation parallel? We don't rely on the savior but try to do everything ourselves.
How does a correct understanding of the Atonement affect a person's embracing the divine, absolute worth of his or her soul? Christ atoned for each of us individually.
Faith in Christ "Faith in Christ means you trust Him and are confident that He loves you." -Preach My Gospel
Worth vs. Performance Distinct, separate entities. Performance is up to us, worth is from God. Succeeding cannot give us more worth as a person. That is God-given.
Authentic vs False sense of worth God-Given Worth vs Performance-Based Ego.
The worth of each person is a God-given reality. One soul is as precious in God's sight as the other. This worth is authentic. God is the only true source of our worth.
Truman Madsen says immaterialists live as if there were no body. Physicalists live as if there were no spirit. How does he clarify this in a gospel perspective? Christ atoned for our souls: body, mind, and spirit. He exemplified the perfect whole. We can become like God. Spirit & body are both matter: compatible.
In "The Great Plan of Happiness," What does Elder Oaks say is the source of opposition? Why might LDS erroneously believe that the body is the source of opposition? The body gives Satan opportunity to test us. LDS often think the body is the natural man, but in reality it is not. It is a wonderful part of our soul.
What is the natural man? Telestial enticings. Not the body. We are given raw materials to refine. Contrary to God-following the ways of the world. We must yield to the enticings of the holy spirit. We need the Holy Ghost.
What does Elder Holland say about the soul in "Of Souls, Symbols, & Sacraments?" The spirit and body are the soul of man. We cannot receive a fullness of joy without both together. They are not our own.
What does Elder Holland mean by "fragmentation" in "Of Souls, Symbols, & Sacraments?" Fragmentation enables its users to counterfeit intimacy. If we relate to each other in fragments, we miss full relationships. Sexual fragmentation gives powerful physiological rewards that help us overlook deficits in the relationship. No marry for that.
How are sexual relations a "Symbol of Total Union" in "Of Souls, Symbols, & Sacraments?" Union of hearts, hopes, lives, love, family, future, everything. A symbol of sealing. A welding.
How can we teach our young people to not fear their bodies but rather have faith in their souls and in their ability to live the law of chastity? Soul, symbol, sacrament.
Thinking that other people or accomplishments are a source of our worth is a false reality. Winning is exciting but not a source of worth. Basing self-esteem on performance distorts and confuses reality.
When you think your performance determines your worth Fear of failure. Stress. Self-absorbed. Emotionally reactive. Negative self-talk.
When you know your god-given worth is independent of performance Nothing is a threat to you personally. Positive self-talk. Trust self & others. Focused. Live with dignity and respect. Integrity, true, genuine, sincere.
Capturing the Power of God-given Worth When you know in your heart your worth is from God, then God is with you and empowers you. When you think you create your worth then you are left on your own.
Elder Bednar said, "A truth that really is & always will be is that the body & spirit constitute our reality & identity." How can a testimony of this change lives? How can we help people live this? Our body is a temple. Be an example of the believers. The body is NOT an enemy.
Elder Bednar said that "the adversary attempts to influence us both to misuse our physical bodies & to minimize the importance of our bodies." How do we do this? Misuse: Porn, tattoos, dietary habits. Minimize importance: Not reaching our potential.
As the body is sacred & obedient by nature but agency resides w/ the spirit, what is taking place when a person is trying to change a negative behavior? Our spirit controls our body. The spirit will be held accountable for choosing good or evil. The spirit chooses. The body responds. Bodies help us overcome addiction. Elements are eternal & obey God.
Deontology The ethical study of duties, obligations, and rights, with an approach focusing on the rightness or wrongness of actions themselves and not on the goodness or badness of the consequences of those actions. Absolute. Associated w/ Idealism.
Consequentialism Consequences of one's conduct are the ultimate basis for any judgment about the rightness of that conduct. From a consequentialist standpoint, a morally right act (or omission) is one that will produce a good outcome, or consequence. Relative. Pragmatism.
Epigenetics clip Identical twins. 1 has cancer, other doesnt. Epigenome=2nd one. Genes expressed or not. Epigenetics=above genome. Can change during puberty or pregnancy. We alter epigenetics with lifestyle.
Mystery of Chi Eastern/Chinese medicine focuses on balance of the whole self. BodyMindSpirit. Acupuncture, acupressure/massage, homeopathics, healing via herbs.
What impact do you see psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) having on medical practices & research? the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body.
Ethical Case #1: Doctor-patient relationships. Models: Parental. Informative-pt makes choice. Interpretive-help pt discover values & make decision. Deliberative-Give options. Aim at moral persuasion rather than coercion.
Ethical Case #2: Euthanasia Intentional killing to relieve pain. "Good death." Passive lets disease take over. Active-give substance to end life.
Ethical Case #3: Perfomance Enhancement Steroids.
Ethical Case #4: Reforming the American Medical System Obamacare sucks.
Ethical Case #5: Stem Cells Research.
Ethical Case #6: Cloning It can be done.
Ethical Case #7: Genetic testing-Confidentiality Should you be tested? Should insurance companies have access to that information?
Ethical Case #8: Genetic Manipulation Any use of genetic technology to fight something in human beings that is clearly a result of the consequences of sin & living in a fallen world is morally acceptable. Genetic intervention from a religious perspective is OK.
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland: 1st commandment "The 1st & great commandment on earth is for us to love God with all our heart, might, mind & strength because surely the 1st & great promise in heaven is that he will ALWAYS love us that way."
Elder Maxwell: Humility is not the disavowal of our worth "Humility is the sober realization of how much we are valued by God. Self-esteem controls our ability to love God, others, & life. Nothing is more central than our need to build justifiable self-esteem. Self-contempt is of Satan.
Worth & Behavior Circles If worth is based on behavior, the two circles become one. Bad. Works aren't a source of our value.
Elder Oaks: Satan provides opposition "Although Satan has lost his opportunity to have a physical body, he is permitted to use his spirit powers to try to frustrate God's plan. This provides the opposition necessary to test how mortals will use their freedom to choose.
The Spirit of the Lord will not be restrained When the spirit & body are in harmony with each other & the will of God the spirit enlightens through the world. Intelligence is a kind of light susceptibility.
The Body is a kind of Urim & Thummim Lights & wholenesses. Joseph Smith needed one till his body & spirit became tuned. He could translate w/o it.
Erastus Snow quote "The Father withholds His spirit from us in proportion as we desire the gratification of our own will. We interpose a barrier between us & our Father. He cannot consistently move upon us so as to control our action."
Dr. Larry Dossey Era 1: body machine: drugs, surgery. Era 2: Mind/body medicine. Era 3: Medicine which will include the spiritual dimension in healing. Moving from dependence only on chemicals to inclusion of energy awareness & treating the whole person.
Psychoneuroimmunology Thoughts & feelings affect the body's immune system & cause increased or decreased susceptibility to disease.
Trusting one's divine worth & immunity People who feel powerless, helpless, & out of control generally have compromised immunity, whereas those who feel secure have healthier immune systems.
All matter in our bodies has been designed with intelligence. Dr.Deepack Chopra The brain freely circulates intelligence throughout the body's entire inner space. The monocytes of the immune system travel through the bloodstream, giving them free access to every other cell in the body.
Psycho-social Dwarfism Size affected by inadequate love at home. May refuse to grow even if injected with growth hormone. Grow when placed with people who are loving.
Fred Friendly Ethics, working ethics, is the means of reasoning, a road map that we try to follow to make a civilized decision. The only fatal ethical sin is avoiding the tough decisions.
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