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Patient Education

Pat Ed YBI Chap Ten Terms

What is the clumping of antigens with antibodies or of the red blood cells from one type of blood with the red blood cells of another type? Agglutination
What is the coming together of entities such as platelets, blood cells, or diseases? Aggregation
What is a repair of a narrowed blood vessel through surgery or other angiographic procedures? Angioplasty
What is hardening of the arteries due to plaque? Atherosclerosis
What is the absence of contractions of the heart or cardiac standstill? Asystole
What is a group of diseases characterized by hardening of the arteries associated with the elderly? Arteriosclerosis
What is it when the heartbeart becomes abnormally slow? Bradycardia
What is an abnormal sound heard in auscultation? Bruit
What is an enlargement of the heart? Cardiomegaly
What is a defect of the heart muscle? Cardiomyopathy
What is a pathologic and abnormal condition of the blood? Dyscrasia
What is low oxygen levels in the tissues? Hypoxia
What is holding back or obstructing the flow of blood? Ischemia
What is a condition in which breathing becomes easier in an upright standing or sitting position? Orthopnea
What is delivery of oxygen and other nutrients to the tissue by the blood? Perfusion
What is a surgical puncture of a vein to withdraw blood? Phlebotomy
What is a deposit of hardened material lining a blood vessel? Plaque
What is fainting or lightheadedness? Syncope
What is a rapid heartbeat? Tachycardia
What is a compression of a part by pressure or a collection of fluid? Tamponade
What is a blood clot attached to the interior wall of a blood vessel? Thrombus
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