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HIT 220 Chpater 9

Clinical Information Systems

Clinical Information system (CIS) a category of a healthcare information systems that directly support patient care
Laboratory information system (LIS) collects, stores, and manages laboratory tests & their respective results , can speed up access to test results through improved efficiency from various locations, including anywhere in a hospital, the physician's office, or even the clinician's home
Nursing information system (NIS) assist in planning and monitoring of overall patient care, system will document nursing care provided to a patient
Pharmacy information system (PIS) assists the care providers in ordering, allocating, and administering medication, will focus on patient safety issues, especially medication errors, a key tool in providing optimal patient care
Patient monitoring system system that automatically collects and stores patient data from various systems used in healthcare
Picture archival communication system (PACS) an integrated computer system that obtains, stores, retrieves, and displays digital images
Radiology information system (RIS) system used to collect, store, and provide information on radiological tests such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, and positron emission tomography, also supports also procedures like ultrasound- guided biopsies and upper gastrointestinal series
Telehealth the use of telecommunication and networks to share information between a patient and a healthcare provider located in at different locations/ sites , locations can be across town or across the world
Telesurgery use of robotics to perform surgery, this allows surgery to be performed on a patient in a different location
Smart Cards plastic cards, similar in appearance to a credit card, with a computer chip embedded in it, have been widely adopted for use in banking, retail, government, and other applications
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