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Patient Education

Pat Ed YBI Chapter Nine Terms

What is impairment or loss of smell? Anosmia
What is black lung or coal miner's lung? Anthracosis
What is the inability to produce normal speech sounds or loss of voice? Aphonia
What is a form of dust disease caused by exposure to asbestos fibers? Asbestosis
What is a drawing in or out by suction? Aspiration
What is a bluish discoloration around the mouth? Cirucumoral cyanosis
What is hoarseness or difficulty in speaking? Dysphonia
What is bleeding from the nose? Epistaxis
What is excessive loss of blood from a part? Exsanguination
What is spitting up blood? Hemoptysis
What is a surgical removal of the organ of the voice? Laryngectomy
What is inflammation of the lymph nodes? Lymphandenitis
What is a disease of the lymph nodes? Lymphadenopathy
What is any disease of the lung caused by long-term dust inhalation? Pneumoconiosis
What is dry rattling in the throat or bronchus caused by partial obstruction? Rhonchi
What is another type of dust disease that affects workers who are stone masons or metal grinders or who work in quarries? Silicosis
What is an incision into the sinus? Sinusotomy
What is a high-pitched respiratory sound caused by obstruction of air passageway? Stridor
What is a type of minute parasitic microorganism? Syncytial virus
What is rapid and shallow respirations? Tachypnea
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