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Health Unit 1 Vocab~

Unit 1 Health Vocab

Infectious diseases diseases caused by pathogens, such as bacteria.
Lifestyle diseases disease caused partly by unhealthy behaviors and partly by other factors
Sedentary not taking part in physical activity on a regular basis
Risk factors anything that increases the likelihood of injury, disease, or other health problem.
Health state of well-being in which all of the components of health, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental, are in balance
wellness achievement of a person's best in all six components of health
value strong belief or ideal
health literacy knowledge of health information need to make good choices about your health
character describes the quality of your personality and actions
public health practice of protecting and improving the health of people in a community
Advocate to speak out or argue in favor of something
Public Service Announcement message created to educate people about an issue
life skill tool for building a healthy life
coping dealing with troubles and problems in an effective way
Consumer person who by products or services
Media all public forms of of communication such as TV, radio, the newspaper, the internet, and advertisements
Resource something that you can use to help achieve a goal
Consequence result of your actions and decisions
Collaborate to work together with one or more people
Peer Pressure feeling that you should do something because it is what your friends want
Refusal skills Strategy to avoid doing something you don’t want to do
Self-discipline ability to set a realistic goal or to make a plan and then stay focused on that goal or plan.
Self-esteem measure of how much you value, respect, and feel confident about yourself.
Self-concept measure of how you view yourself
Integrity characteristic of doing what you know is right
Passive not offering opposition when challenged or pressured
Aggressive hostile and unfriendly in the way one expresses oneself
Assertive direct and respectful in the way one expresses oneself
Empathy ability to understand another person's feelings, attitudes, or behaviors,
Mental Health state of mental well-being in which one can cope with the demands of daily life
Emotion feeling that is produced in response to life experiences
Defense Mechanism unconscious behavior used to avoid expressing unpleasant emotions
Mental Disorder illness that affects a person's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
Symptom change that a person notices in his or her body or mind that is caused by a disease or disorder
Depression sadness and hopelessness that keeps a person from carrying out everyday activities
Stress the body's and mind's response to a demand
Stressor any situation that puts a demand on the body or mind
Epinephrine one of the hormones that are released from the body in times of stress
Eustress positive stress that energizes a person and helps a person reach their goal
Distress negative stress that make a person sick or keep a person from reaching a goal
Abuse physical or emotional harm to someone
Neglect failure of a caretaker to provide for basic needs such as food, clothing, or love.
Domestic Violence use of force to control and maintain power over a spouse in the home
Hazing harassing newcomers to a group in an abusive and embarrassing way
Sexual Abuse any sexual act without consent
Incest sexual activity between family members that are not husband and wife
Sexual Harassment any unwanted remark, behavior, or touch that has sexual content
Sexual Assault any sexual activity in which force or the threat of force is used
Date Rape sexual intercourse that is forced on a victim by someone the victim knows
Created by: ArrowForever