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speciality table

Allergy and Immunology All. and Immun.
Anesthesiology Anes.
Dermatology Derm.
Emergency Medicine Emerg. Med.
Family Practice FP
Neonatology Neonat.
Neurology Neuro.
Obstetrics and gynecology OB-GYN
Otolaryngology ENT
Pathology Path
Pediatrics and adolescent medicine Peds
Preventative medicine PM
Radiology Rad.
Urology Urol.
Gerontology Ger or geriat
All. and Immun. Diagnosis and treatment of allergic conditions
Anes. Administration of anesthesia for major surgery
Derm. Treatment of diseases affecting the skin
Emerg.Med. Treatment of trauma and sudden emergent medical conditions
FP Comprehensive medical care for individuals of all ages, often entire families
Ger or geriat study of the aging process
I.M. consultation on and diagnosis of complex diseases
Neonat. Dealing with the disorders of the newborn from birth to 28 days
Neuro. Disorders of the nervous system that may be from hereditary conditions, injuries, trauma, disease or infections
OB-GYN combined specialty of the study and treatment of the female reproductive system
ENT Treat disorders of the ear, nose, and throat
Path determine causes and nature of diseases and contribute to diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment
Peds medical treatment of children and adolescents
PM Protect, promote, and maintain health and well-being; prevention of disease, disability, and premature death
Rad. Diagnosis and treatment of disease using x-rays and radium
Urol. treat disorders of the genitourinary tract; bladder, kidney, and prostrate
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