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HitPro Unit 3 Notes Q/A

Name the Muscular componets? Muscles
Name the Skeletal Components? Bones of the skeleton Joints
What are the two musculosketal system? Muscular Skeletal
What are the four functions of the Musculoskeletal system? Internal framework of body supports body protects internal organs Produces body movement
Musculoskeletal System allow for movement TRUE
What is a skeleton composed of? Bones
How many bones in a skeleton? 206
What is the framework for the body? bones
What are Joints? They are where bones meet and held together by ligaments. They also provide flexibility to the skeleton
Where are the muscles connected to? Skeleton
What the medical term for a muscle disorder? Myopathy
Myo means what? muscle
pathy means what? diease
What are typical muscle disorders? Weakness, pain, or even paralysis
Name types of injuries associated with muscles? Strains sprains cramps tendinitis overuse
Genetics cause what kind of myopathies? muscular dystrophy
What else can affect muscles? Some cancers Inflammation infections medicines diseases of the nerves that affect muscles
What is Myositis? Inflammation of your skeletal muscles
What are some common causes of Myositis? Injury Infection Autoimmune disease
What is polymyositis? Weakness in he muscle, usually in the muscles closet to the trunk of your body
What is Dermatomyositis? Muscle weakness plus a skin rash
How are Polymyositis and Dermatomyositis treated? Medicines such as prednisone, a steroid medicine, and sometimes other medicines.
How do you diagnose Myositis? Blood tests Muscle and skin biopsy These test are complicated and lengthy electro-diagnostic test antibody testing
What are treatments for Myositis? Varies from Patient to Patient, usually through combination of drugs, physical therapy, and dietary supplements.
What is Muscular Dystrophy? a disease that has no cure and is the weakening or detroiation of the muscles.
What is muscul/o stand for? Muscle
What is my/o? Muscle
What is myocardi/o? Heart Muscle Myo
What is tend/o stand for? tendon
What is the Spinal (Vertebral) Column consist of? There are 5 sections Cervical
The arm is considered where on your body? Upper Extremity
An arm consist of what 6 parts? Humerus - upper arm Ulna - part of forearm Radius - part of forearm Carpals - wrist bones Metacarpals - hand bones Phalanges - finger bones
What is a Humerus called? upper Arm
What part is the Ulna located? part of forearm
Where is the Radius located? part of forearm
Where are the metacarpels located? hand bones
What are Phalanges? finger bones
Radius part of the forearm is on the thumb bone? TRUE
What consists of the lower extremities? Legs
Name the 7 parts of the leg? Femur - thigh bone Patella - knee cap Tibia - shin bone Fibula - lower leg bone Tarsals - ankle bones Metatarsals - foot bones Phalanges - toe bones
What is considered the thigh bone? Femur - thigh bone
What is considered the knee bone? Patella
What is considered the shin bone? Tibia
What is considered the lower leg bone? Fibula
What is consisdered the ankle bones? Tarsals
Whati s considered the foot bones? Metatarsals
What is considered the toe bones? Phalanges
Which is the larger, Fibula or Tibia? Tibia
What are common types of fractures? Open or Compound Closed fracture Stress fracture
What are the symptoms of a fracture? misshapen limb or joint swelling, bruising or bleeding intense pain numbness and tinglingo limited mobility
What is Arthrisits? It is the inflammation of a joint
What are symptons of Arthritis? Swelling Pain Inflammation stiffness
What is Osteoporosis? A bone condition that makes your bones weak likely to break.
What is the demographic for Osteoporosis? Getting older, family history, taking certain medicines, being small and thin, and usually occurs white or asian women.
How can you prevent, slow, or stop Osteoporosis? Calicum, Vitamin D, Exercise, and medications There is no cure for Osteoporosis!
What is Arthr/o? Joint
What is carp/o? wrist
What is cervic/o? Neck
What is crani/o? Skull
What is oste/o? Bone
What is Thorac/o? Chest
What is vertebr/o? vertebra
Which of the vertebra column is fused? Coccyx and Sacrum
Created by: mleone26