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Class Terms

Vocabulary Words

ankl/o crooked,bent,stiff
articul/o joint
balan/o glans penis
blast immature
carp/o wrist bones
cephal/o head
cyesis pregnancy
cost/o rib
dactyl/o fingers;toes
estr/o female
graphy process of recording
gravida pregnancy;pregnant women
mast/o breast
orchid/o testis
para to bear;bring forth;to give birth
chondro cartilage
myelo spinal cord;bone marrow
osteo bone
peripheral away from the center
anterior front
posterior back;behind
medial middle
lateral side
proximal near
distal far;distant
superficial closer to the surface
caudal toward the tail
dorsal pertaining to the back;posterior portion of the body
cyto cell
axillo armpit
body plane division of the human body along imaginary lines
frontal divides the body into front and back portions;coronal plane
sagittal divides the body into right and left portions unequally at the clavicle
mid-sagittal splits the body into right and left halves
transverse divides the body into upper and lower portions
cervico neck
ventral pertaining to the front or anterior of the body
osteocyte bone cell
homeostasis normal state of balance in the body
episiotomy incision to make the birth canal wider
primapara a woman who has given birth to her first child
primagravida a woman during her first pregnancy
pseudocyesis false pregnancy
abruption placenta premature detachment of the placenta from the uterine wall
toxemia life threatening blood condition during pregnancy
androgenic pertaining to men
aspermatogenesis lack of production of sperm
circumcision surgery that removes the foreskin covering the glans penis
oligospermia fewer sperms than normal
orchidopexy surgical fixation of the testes
vasectomy cutting and tying of the vas deferens
cryptochidism undescended testicles
resectoscope instrument used to hold tissue prior to removal
amniocentesis surgical puncture to remove amniotic fluid
mastectomy surgical removal of the breast
myometrium middle muscular layer of the uterus
ovariorrhexis rupture of an ovary
hysterectomy surgical removal of part or all of the uterus
cephalopelvic disproportion when a baby's head or body is too large to fit through the birth canal
antidiuretic medication that limits the production of urine
estrogen female sex hormone
gonadotropin pituitary hormone that stimulates the production of sex hormones
ketoacidosis excessive sugars in the body
oxytocin pituitary hormone that speeds up childbirth
polydipsia excessive thirst
hypocalcemia abnormal small amounts of calcium in the blood
hyperthyroidism overactive thyroid gland
hyperkalemia excessive concentration of potassium in the blood
exocrine glands that secrete outside the body
goiter enlargement of the thyroid gland
adenoma tumor of the gland
cretinism hypo thyroidism, usually found in children
acromegaly excessive enlargement of the limbs
percussion tapping of the body with fingers to determine density
inspection visual observation
auscultation listening to the sounds in the body
palpation using the hands to feel for the size and location of the organs
prone lying face down on abdomen
supine lying face up, flat on back
trendelenburg lying on back, head lowered,feet elevated above heart level
lithotomy lying on back with both feet in stirrups
Fowler's semi upright in 45 or 90 degree angle supported by table
dorsal recumbent lying flat on back with knees bent
knee- chest patient rest on knees and chest with buttocks elevated
aphakia absence of the lens of the eye
blepharoptosis prolapse of upper eyelid
conjunctivitis inflammation of the conjuctiva (Pink Eye)
dacryoadenitis inflammation of the tear gland
hemianopsia vision of half of the visual field
keratomycosis fungal infection of the cornea
mydriasis excessive dilation of the pupil
retinopexy surgical fixation of the retina
vitreous humor jelly-like material in the inner chamber of the eye
amblyopia blurred or hazy vision
OS left eye
AS left ear
OD right eye
AD right ear
HEENT head,eyes,ears,nose,throat
CA cancer
CNS central nervous system
CVA cerebro vascular accident
bx biopsy
MVA motor vehicle accident
^ change
c with
s without
hypothalamus part of the brain below the thalamus controls temperature and metabolism
cerebral cortex outer region of the cerebrum
laminectomy surgical removal of the coating of a nerve
AU both ears
narcolepsy condition of uncontrollable episodes of sleep
encephalitis inflammation of the brain
vertigo false sense of moving;spinning;dizziness
ganglion cyst cluster of nerve cells in peripheral nervous system
WT weight
HT height
TPR temperature, pulse, respirations
OU both eyes
arachnoid space web like fibrous chamber surrounding and protecting the brain
poliomyelitis inflammation of the grey matter surrounding the brain and spinal cord
neurotripsy surgical crushing of a nerve
otomycosis fungal infection of the ear
presbycusis progressive loss of hearing due to aging
acoustic pertaining to hearing/sound
tinnitus ringing; buzzing; roaring sound in the ear
salpingoscope instrument used to visually examine the fallopian/eustachian tubes
tympanoplasty surgical repair of the eardrum
labyrinthitis inflammation of the cochlear tunnels of the inner ear
otalgia ear pain
stapedectomy surgical removal of the stapes bones
otitis media inflammation of the ear (Ear Infection)
adipose pertaining to fat
paronychitis inflammation of the skin folds around the nail
cyanosis blueish discoloration of the skin
ichthyosis dry, rough, scaly skin
subcutaneous third and deepest layer of the skin
eczema skin condition that is red, dry, scaly, flaky, and itchy
hemangioma mass of blood vessels close to the surface of skin
anhidrosis absence of sweating
melanocyte skin cells that produce melanin
diaphoresis excessive sweating