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Floor Hockey Gym test

What is origin or hockey? It is unknown
Where does the name HOCKEY come from? The French word 'hocquet" which is "shepherds crook" also a Shepherds Crook is the shape of a hockey stick.
What is a puck? A rubber disk that players score goals with.
What is a Stick The equipment used to navigate the puck.
What is a Crease? The area in front of a goal where the goalie may enter but the opposing players may not.
Whats a Goal? The netted area where a puck must enter to score a point.
Whats a Goalie? The player on the team that is the last line of defense for a goal.
What is a RINK? The ice covered playing area where hockey is played
High Sticking is..... A penalty where the stick is rased above shoulder level or hip level
What is a Penalty? Infractions that can result in 2-5 minute suspensions
What is a Period? Units of playing time in hockey (usually 3 each 20 minutes)
Whats a Face-Off? Used at the beginning of the game to start play, and during the game to restart play.
Whats a Save? When a goalie makes a play that prevents the opposing team from scoring
How many players are on each team? 6 players
What are the player positions? right/left wingman, center, left/right defense man, and a goaltender.
What happens during the start of the game? A Face Off takes place
What happens when a goal is scored? Play will stop and a Face Off will take place.
What happens when a Goalie stops the puck? The goalie takes the puck and passes it to a team mate and play resumes.
What is the basic strategy? Try to keep the puck in your team's position and try to score goals
How do you win? Score the most points
What are the rules for hockey at AACA? No high sticking! 1st infraction means 4 minute time out 2nd infraction means serious consequences. Goalies must pass the puck back into play from the crease with their stick. Only the goalie can be in the crease. No Hitting or fighting!
What are the rules for hockey at AACA? cont. You may change goalies once a goal is scored. If a puck goes out of bounds a face off will take place.
Created by: harreguin