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defense mechanisms


involuntary or unconsciously forgetting in order to avoid unpleasant memories. repression
consciously, intentionally pushing of unpleasantness from one's mind. suppression
making excused to try to explain a situation or behavior rather than directly taking responsibilities for it. rationalization
1.pretending a stress or problem doesn't exist. 2.It is a failure to see reality. denial
wanting to cover up a weakness and/or mistake by making up them through gift giving, hard work, or other extreme efforts. compensation
accusing or blaming others or projecting your own feelings onto others so that you won't have to face them in yourself. projection
taking your feelings out on the wrong person or thing. displacement
fleeing or avoiding things that create stress. avoidance
returning to childish behavior to solve problems. regressions
developing attitudes opposite to our real ones. reaction formation
seeing no faults in someone. idealization
transferring stress into physical disability with no physical cause. conversion
daydreaming or using fantasy to get new and useful ideas to avoid reality. fantasy
turning unacceptable drives and behaviors into acceptable activities or occupations. sublimation
imitating others or copying for identity. identification
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