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Unit4:Digestive Syst

Amyl/o- Starch
Bar/o- Weight
Bil/i- Bile
Carb/o- Carbon
Chol/e- Gall,Bile
Cholecyst/o- Gallbladder
col/o- colon
Cyst/o- Bladder,Sac
Duoden/o- Duodenum
Enter/o- Intestine
Esophag/o- Esophagus
Esthesi/o Sensation
Gastr/o- Stomach
Gingiv/o- Gums
Gloss/o-,Lingu/o- Tongue
Hepat/o- Liver
Lip/o- Fat
Lith/o- Stone,Calaulus
Obes/o- obesity
Pancreat/o- Pancreas
Peps/o- Digestion
Phag/o- Eat,Swallow
Phor/o- Bear,Carry
Proct/o Anus and Rectum
Rect/o- Rectum
Abdomin/o- Abdomen
Sigmoid/o- Sigmoid colon
Splen/o Spleen
Stomat/o- Mouth
Trich/o- Hair
Dys- Difficult,Painful,Bad,Abnormal
Eu- Easy,Good
Mal- Bad,Poor
Sub- Below
Hypo- Below
Brady- Slow
Tachy Fast
-itis Inflammation
-ase E
-cele Hernia
-centesis Surgical Puncture
-ectomy Excise
-genic Forming
-iasis Condition,usually infested
-meter instrument
-metry process of measuring
-ostomy make a new opening
-pepsia digestion
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