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Communication Nur2

Nursing 2/Workplace Communication zerwich ch 12 test one

Why does communication matter? Clinical communication is highly complex, prone to medical errors during transitions and emergent situations. By standardizing communication approaches and tools may help prevent harm.
Basic Principles of Effective Communication Interaction between 2 people,message clear and simple,encourage receiver to use feedback,use nonverbal communication. Its about our reputation and credibility. We need to acknowledge others feelings. Communicate directly, be respectful.
Sharing information requires different approaches Delegation, clarification, reevaluation and coordination
communicating with supervisor Keep supervisor informed, use problem solving, take responsibility,avoid blaming and anger,present new ideas in writing,accept feedback and never go above supervisor
Communicating with other nurses Communicate laterally, evenly, even with other physicians.
Communication with assistant personnel Get full attention, give clear and simple instructions, step by step directions and follow up.
What does my image communicate? Your credibility, good personal hygiene, nursing expertise, flexibility, be pleasant.
Bad Nurse-Physician communications Linked to medication errors, patient injuries and deaths.
Gender differences influencing communication. Women-see bigger picture, ask question, less aggressive. Men-more logical and direct and aggressive
How to control the grapevine? Provide factual information, communicate face to face, don't spread rumors,hold a meeting to provide information and answer questions, make writing clear.
Cultural diversity at work to interact clearly you need to speak clearly and avoid using slang,avoid stereotypes, respect and empathize with others.
Communicate effectively in writing KISS-keep it short and simple-formal and upward communication,organize and proofread.
Speak effectively Make eye contact, pace your speech and think out responses and comments, articulate your words,develop ear for good speech,avoid bluffing about your knowledge to impress someone and limit cliches
Listening skills I need to develop? Hear what is being said,focus what is being said,control emotional response,listen and accept, nonverbal communication,avoid distractions, take notes,let the speaker tell,respond positively,hear all sides of issue
nonverbal communication effectively make eye contact,stand up straight,use forceful voice without pauses, watch for distracting behaviors.
communicate with technology leave someone a voicemail message, speak slowly and distinctly, dont leave on hold, make convenient time to talk, make sure everyone is introduced to each other in conference call,do not send emotional outbursts in emails
assertive styles of communication passive-let others push around,assertive- a person stands up in a way that does not violate rights of others,aggressive-putting yourself before others in an aggressive way.
benefits of assertiveness avoid feelings of resentment, guilty, anger,confusion and loneliness, a chance to be acknowledged and your needs met,leads to more satisfaction with life.
components of assertive communication strategy one- i think, i feel, i want, and strategy two- i feel... about...because
when to use assertive communication Communicating expectations,saying no
when to use assertive communication evaluate how you use assertive communication,seek feedback, do people view you as aggressive or assertive, find workable solution, some situations where you follow orders.
why is communication important in workplace patient safety, credibility and nature of our work.
Created by: azchic1973