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Dec 2


The first known reference to marijuana 2737 B.C. Chinese Emperor Shens Nung, as medicine
years as medicine 5,000 years
India listed as one of the 5 sacred plants in the sacred texts, about 1500 B.C.
cultivated in the New World hemp fibers used in making rope.
Head of the FBI, Harry Anslinger in 1930's set out to publicize it as a public menace
Myth created by Harry Anslinger & dangers of misinformation It was similar to the cocaine myths, drug-crazed minorities (Now Mexican Americans also) coming after your daughters.
Marijuana tax act 1937, taxed it with a stamp. It was not illegal but the tax stamp was not printed often.
1941 Mayor La Guardia of New York conducted a study “The Marihuana problem in New York City” the results were to be free from political bias. It found
The Marihuana problem in New York City found 1. The drug dulled the intellect 2. Reduces physical activities 3. Does not incite violence
most potency of marijuana (Jackson County Oregon.
THC isolated and synthesized in 1964. marketed as MARINOL.
when it is smoked has 360-426compounds, 61 psychoactive, over 2,000 metabolites
chief psychoactive substance is Delta-9 tetra-hydro-cannabinol or THC
From this plant comes marijuana, hashish, and hash oil.
Marijuana is the plant
Hashish is the resin gathered typically from the flowering tops of the female plants, and is much more potent.
Hash oil prepared by boiling hash in a solvent and straining out the oils
Primary site of metabolism is in the liver
excreted in 65% excreted in the feces rest in the urine
Half-life is 3 days to 1 week. 3 days to 1 week.
Highly lipid soluble Binds to fat cells in the body accumulate and is slowly released into the blood to fat cells in the body accumulate and is slowly released into the blood
Marijuana does have a chemical mechanism to reduce pain.
Marijuana is a depressant and a mild hallucinogen.
Myth: marijuana can make you crazy.
Physical effects of Physical relaxation Bloodshot eyes Coughing Increase in appetite Increased heart rate Decreased blood pressure Decreased ocular pressure Increased mucus flow Impaired tracking ability Decrease in secretion of testosterone
Psychological Altered sense of time Mood swings, well-being, personal insight in which they cannot put into words Panic attacks, impending sense of doom, ppl who suffer from panic attacks, marijuana decreases them.
Adverse reactions: “amotivational syndrome” is real
The 5 reasons the medical community as a whole is reluctant to endorse marijuana is 1. There are a number of drugs on the market as useful as marijuana w/o side effects. 2. The content varies from one joint to the next, which makes finding a TI impossible. 3.The number of irritants carcinogens, pathogens, and other chemicals that
The 5 reasons the medical community continued 4. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug w/ addictive potential. 5. Marijuana has been shown to impair the immune system.
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