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H/E Final Part 5

Top 6 Artificial Sweetners

Saccharin Brand Name --> Sweet n Low ~300-700 sweeter than sucrose ~Found in soft drinks ~1st discovered in 1879. FDA approved in 1998 ~An organic compound derived from petroleum
Aspartame Brand -->Equal/Neutrasweet ~180x sweeter than sucrose ~Used in Good Products Worldwide & accounts for 60% of the money spent ~1st discovered in 1965, wasn't FDA approved until years later ~Body Converts it to methanol (carcinogen)
Sucralose Brand Name --> Splenda ~300-1000 sweeter than sucrose ~ 1st discovered in 1975 ~Put through a process called cloro-carbon
Neotame ~700-1300 sweeter than sucrose ~A general purpose sweetener ~In 2002, The FDA Approved this sweeter ~Over 110 studies have been conducted
Xylitol ~Brand Name --> Ideal ~Exact Sweetness as sucrose ~Classified as a "sugar alcohol" ~Discovered by French & German Chemist (Late 1800s) ~Found in: Corn Husks, Mushrooms, Chewing Gum, Candy, Natural Health Products
Stevia Brand Names --> Truvia, Natural Stevia in the Raw ~300x sweeter than sucrose ~Over 200 years old ~An extract from an South American Plant ~Approved in 15 countries: #1 consumer: Japan ~Used in some countries to lower Blood Pressure/ help with Diabet
Created by: 502788095