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H/E Final Part 1

Part 1: 15 Best Foods/Drinks that'll change your life

1. Black Beans/Lentils/Red Kidney Beans Rich and Protein and Fiber
2. Blueberries Most antioxidants/ Boost Vision/Healthy Skin
3. Broccoli #2 in Source of Calcium/ Boost Immune System
4. Oats Whole Grains Lowers Cholesterol
5. Orange Juice/Oranges 70mgs Vitamin C (115% Daily Value)
6. Salmon/Sardines Best Heart Protection
7. Kiwis Top nutrient dense fruit. As much potassium as a banana.
8. Spinach Decreases Cardio Vascular Disease
9.Tea Discovered by Accident/ All types come the Evergreen Canilia
10. Tomatoes Lypokein (Helps with prostate cancer)
11. Avocado More Blood pressure lowering Potassium than Bananas/ Rich in mono-saturated fats
12. Nuts Walnuts/almonds are great
13. Yogurt #1 Calcium Source/ Excellent Source of Protein
14. Cranberries #12 Fruit for fighting disease
15. Milk Skim Milk manages weight
Created by: 502788095