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thin walled vessels connecting smaller arteries to veins capillaries
membrane enclosing heart pericardium
thin walled blood vessels less elastic than arteries veins
The nervous system made up of sensory and motor nerve fibers peripheral
artery supplying the masseter transverse
nerve supplying arm and hand median
the nervous syster that functions without conscious effort automatic
lower, thick walled chambers of the heart ventricals
fluid part of blood in which red and white blood cells flow plasma
colorless, watery fluid derived from blood plasma lymph
nerve affecting skin of lower eyelid, side of nose, upper lip, mouth infraorbital
allows blood flow in only one direction valve
affects muscles of temple, forehead, brows, lids, upper cheek temporal
nerve supplying fingerrs digital
ductless glands endocrine
system comprising of the lungs respiratory
muscular partition that controls breathing and serarates chest from abdominal region diaphragm
largest cranial nerves trigeminal
nerve affecting muscles of the mouth buccal
nerve supplying thumb side of arm and back of hand radial
upper, thin walled chambers of the heart atrim
largest bone of the arm humerus
term for wrist carpus
2 phases of metabolism anabolism andddd CATabolism
muscle, allows fingers to seperate abductor
chief motor nerve 7th cranial
procerus muscle nose
epicranius muscle cover top of the skull
upper heart chambers atria
humerus upper most and largest bone of arm
ulna inner & larger bone of the forearm, attached to the wrist
radius smaller bone of the forearm
metacarpus bones of the palm of the hand
phalanges bones between the fingers or digits
striated attached to the bone, controlled by WILL, creates heat and energy
non straiated involuntary, function automaticlly w/out will
cardiac involuntary, heart not found in any other part
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