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Med Term Chap 3 & 4

Med Term Chap 3 & 4 & 5

muscul/o, my/o, myos/o muscle
skelet/o skeleton
oste/o, oss/i, osse/o bone
arthr/o, articul/o joint
ligament/o, syndesm/o ligament
tendin/o, tend/o, ten/o tendon
fasci/o fascia
chondr/o, cartilag/o cartilage
hemat/o blood
-poiesis formation
orth/o straight
ped/o child
rheumatology specialty deals with connective tissue
appendic/o appendicular
-cyte cell
-blast embryonic
-clast breaking down
myel/o bone marrow
dia- through
-physis growth
osteocytes mature bone cells
matrix material between the cells
osteoblasts cells that build bone
osteoclasts cells that break down bone
fissur/o fissure - deep cleft or groove
foramin/o foramen - opening or hole
foss/o fossa - hollow or depression
sin/o, sinus/o sinus - cavity or channel lined with membrane
sulc/o sulcus - groove or depression in anatomic structure
condyl/o condyle - rounded projection at the end of a bone
crest narrow elongated elevation
epicondyl/o projection on surface of bone above condyle
head rounded, usually proximal portion of some long bones
spin/o spine
trochanter/o trochanter - one of two bony projections on proximal ends of femurs
tubercul/o tubercle - nodule or small raised area
tuberosity elevation or proturbance
crani/o skull, cranium
faci/o face
front/o frontal
pariet/o parietal
occipit/o occipital
tempor/o temporal
mastoid/o mastoid
frontal bone forehead
parietal bone sides of cranium
occipital bone back of the skull
temporal bone lower two sides of cranium
mastoid process posterior part of the bone behind ear
ethmoid bone roof and walls of nasal cavity
sphenoid bone anterior to temporal bones
zygoma cheek bone
lacrimal paired bones at corner of each eye
maxilla upper jaw bone
mandible lower jaw bone
vomer forms posterior/inferior part of nasal septum
palatine roof of mouth
inferior nasal conchae interior of nose
cost/o rib
-al pertaining to
stern/o sternum
xiph/o xiphoid
vertebr/o, spondyl/o vertebra
cervical region neck bones C1 - C7
thoracic region upper back T1 - T12
Lumbar region lower back L1-L5
Sacral region sacrum S1-S5 (5 bones, fused)
coccygeal region coccyx or tailbone
scapul/o scapula
clavicul/o, cleid/o clavicle
humer/o humerus - upper arm bone
radi/o radius - lower lateral armbone
uln/o ulna - lower medial arm
olecran/o olecranon - proximal projection
carp/o carpal - wrist bones - 8
metacarp/o metacarpal - five bones form middle part of hand
phalang/o phalanx - 14 bones that constitute fingers
digit/o, dactyl/o digitus
ili/o ilium
ischi/o ischium
pub/o pubis
femor/o femur - upper thigh bone
patell/o, patell/a patella - kneecap
tibi/o tibia - shin bone
fibul/o, perone/o fibula - smaller, lower lateral leg bone
malleol/o malleolus - process on distal ends of tibia/fibula
tars/o tarsal - seven bones of ankle, hindfoot, midfoot
metatars/o metatarsal - five foot bones
calcane/o calcaneus - heel bone
syn- together
-sis condition
amphi- both
synovi/o synovial - complex of joints
burs/o bursa - sacs of fluid, located between bones of joint, hold tendons
menisc/o meniscus - crescent-shaped cartilage in knee joint
rhabdomy/o skeletal muscle
leiomy/o smooth muscle - involuntary movement
mycardi/o heart muscle
ceps heads
brachi/o arm
glute/o buttock
duct/o carrying
ad- toward
stern/o breastbone
cleid/o collarbone
vers/o turning
-ion process of
pro- forward
tract/o pulling
rot/o wheel
-ation process of
occulta hidden
dactyl/o fingers, toes
-dynia pain
por/o passage
-osis abnormal condition
rheumat/o watery flow
-oid resembling
-centesis surgical procedure
-desis binding
kyph/o round back
ankyl/o stiffening
-clasis intentional breaking
derm/o, dermat/o, cut/o, cutane/o skin
trich/o, pil/o hair
onych/o, ungu/o nail
seb/o, sebac/o oil, sebum
hidr/o, sudor/i sweat
adip/o fat
squam/o scaly
vascul/o vessel
bas/o basal
-ferous pertaining to carrying
sudoriferous sweat, glands
melan/o black, dark
kerat/o hard, horny
hidraden/o sudoriferous gland
tel/e far
-ectasia dilation
eczema, carbuncle dermatitis
myc/o fungus
vulgar/o common
carcinoma cancer of epithelial origin
sarcoma connective tissue cancer
all/o other
auto- self
-tome instrument to cut
occlus/o to close
-ive pertaining to
xen/o foreign
eschar/o scab
cry/o extreme cold
rhytid/o wrinkle
BCC basal cell carcinoma
Bx biopsy
Decub pressure ulcer
FB foreign body
H hypodermic
HPV human papillomavirus
HSV-1 herpes simplex 1
HSV-2 herpes simplex 2
I&D incision and drainage
ID intradermal
KS Kaposi sarcoma
PPD purified protein derivative
PUVA psoralen plus ultraviolet A
SCC squamous cell carcinoma
SG skin graft
STSG split-thickness skin graft
TB tuberculosis
TTS transdermal therapeutic system
teeth dent/i, odont/o
roof of mouth palat/o
tongue gloss/o, lingu/o
gums gingiv/o
mouth or/o, stomat/o, stom/o
lips labi/o, cheil/o
cheek bucc/o
salivary gland sialaden/o
sialaden/o salivary gland
saliva sial/o
throat pharyng/o
esophagus esophag/o
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