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Chapter 11

Maintaining a healthy weight

Metabolism The process by which the body breaks down substances and gets energy from food.
BMI A measure of body weight relative to height
Overweight Heavier than the standard weight range for your height.
Obese Having excess body fat.
Underweight Below the standard weight range for your height.
Body Image The way you see ur body.
Fad diets Weight loss plans that tend to be popular for only a short time
Weight Cycling A repeated pattern of losing and remaining body weight.
Eating Disorder Extreme harmful eating behaviors.
Anorexia Nervosa An eating disorder in which an irrational fear of weight gain leads people to stRVE THEMSELVES
Bulimia Nervosa An eating disorder that involves cycles of overeating and purging
Binge Eating disorder Eating disorder in which people overeat alot
Vegetarian A person who eats mostly or only plant-based foods.
Dietary supplements Products that supply one or more nutrients as a supplement yo, not a substitute for healthful foods.
Performance Enhancers Substances that boost athletic ability.
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