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Career Inventory


work in admissions department of a health care facility and responsible for obtaining all necessary info when a patient is admitted to the facility, assigning rooms, maintaining records, and processing info when the patient is discharged admitting officers/clerks
use the arts to help patients deal with social, physical, or emotional problems art, music, dance therapists
awarded by a career/technical school or a community college after completion of a prescribed two-year course of study associate's degree
prevent and treat athletic injuries and provide rehabilitative services to athletes athletic trainers (ATs)
provide care to individuals who have hearing impairments audiologists
awarded by a college or university after a prescribed course of study that usually lasts for four or more years bachelor's degree
study living organisms such as viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and other infectious substances as well as assisting in the development of vaccines, medicines, and treatments for diseases biological or medical scientists
assist in the study of living organisms under the supervision of biological scientists or biotechnological engineers biological technician
combine knowledge of engineering with knowledge of biology and biomechanical principles to assist in the operation of health care facilities biomedical (clinical) engineer
use engineering knowledge to develop solutions to complex medical problems biotechnical engineer (bioengineer)
install, test, service, and repair equipment that is used to diagnose, treat, and monitor patients biomedical equipment technicians (BETs)
assist with cardiac catheterization procedures and angioplasty, monitor patients during open heart surgery and the implantation of pacemakers, and perform tests to check circulation in blood vessels cardiovascular technologist
involved in ordering, maintaining, and supplying all the equipment and supplies used by other departments in a health care facility centrile/sterile supply workers
means a person has fulfilled requirements of education and performance and meets the standards and qualifications established by the professional association or government agency that regulates a particular career certification
required to renew licenses or maintain certification or registration in many states continuing education units (CEUs)
prepare patients for exams, pass instruments, prepare dental materials for impressions and restorations, take and develop radiographs, teach preventative dental care, sterilize instuments, and/or perform dental receptionist duties dental assistants (DAs)
perform prelimenary exams of the teeth and mouth, remove stains and deposits from teeth, expose and develop radiographs, apply cavity-preventing agents to teeth, and perform other preventative or therapeutic services dental hygenists
make and repair a variety of dental prostheses accordin to the specifications of dentists dental laboratory technicians (DLTs)
doctors who examine teeth and mouth tissues to diagnose and treat disease and abnormalities, perform corrective surgery on the teeth, gums, tissues, and supporting bones, and work to prevent dental disease dentists (DMDs or DDSs)
operate the kidney hemodialysis machines used to treat patients with limited or no kidney function dialysis technicians
assist with food preparation and service, help patients select menus, clean work areas, and assist other dietary workers dietetic assistants
plan menus, order foods, standardize and test recipes, assist with food preparation, provide basic dietary instruction, and teach classes on proper nutrition dietetic technicians (DTs)
manage food service systems, assess patients'/residents' nutritional needs, plan menus, teach others proper nutrition and special diets, research nutrition needs and develop recommendations, purchase food and equipment, enforce sanitary and safety rules dieticians (RDs)
focuses on ensuring proper alignment of the spine and optimal operation of the nervous and muscular systems to maintain health Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)
diagnoses, treats, and prevents diseases or disorders Doctor of Medicine (MD)
treats diseases/disorders, placing special emphasis on the nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems and the relationship between the body, mind, and emotions Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)
examines, diagnoses, and treats diseases/disorders of the feet or of the leg below the knee Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM)
awarded by a college or university after completion of two or more years of work beyond a bachelor's or master's degree doctorate/doctoral/doctor's degree
operates an electrocardiograph machine electrocardiograph (ECG) technicians
operates an electroencephalograph electroencephalographic (EEG) technologist
perform EEGs, nerve conduction tests, measure sensory and physical responses to specific stimuli, perform evoked potential (EP) tests, and operate other monitoring devices electroneurodiagnostic technologist (END)
prepare the bosy for interment by washing the body with germicidal soap, replacing the blood with ambalming fluid to preserve the body, reshaping and restructing disfigured bodies, applying cosmetics, dressing the body, and placing it in a casket embalmers
provide emergency, prehospital care to victims of accidents, injuries, or sudden illness emergency medical technician (EMT)
treatment of diseases of the pulp, nerves, blood vessels, and roots of the teeth endodontics
an individual who organizes, manages, and assumes risk of a business entrepreneur
identify and track diseases as they occur in a group of people epidemiologist
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