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health 8.16.17

health test 10.25.11

goals, tasks, values, and the activities that you judge to be more important than others. priorities
a person's ability to use responsibility to override emotions self control
Be yourself and communicate your thoughts and feelings honestly priority
set limits for expressing affection self control
a closeness between two people that develops over time intimacy
exaggerated feelings of passion infatuation
what are 2 negative consequences for teen sexual activity STD s and unplanned pregnancy
approx. how many teenage girls become pregnant every year in the U.S. 1 million
how can teen parenthood harm an individual mentally and socially? they could negatively affect relationships with other people. the could get hurt, feel guilt, regret and anxiety, and have loss of self-respect
the male gametes Sperm
a thick fluid containing sperm and other secretions from the male reproductive system Semen
the female reproductive system has several functions, including producing female sex hormones and storing the ___ eggs
a female at birth has more than ______ immature ova in her ovaries 400,000
a hollow, muscular, pear-shaped organ that nourishes and protects a fertilized ovum until birth uterus
a pair of tubes with finger-like projections that draw in the ovum fallopian tubes
tissue that lines the uterus endometrium
the fertilization of an egg by a sperm produces a cell called a ___ zygote
when the zygote leaves the fallopian tube, it enters the______ and attaches itself to this wall. the fetus remains here until birst uterus
the mature egg is released into one of the fallopian tubes 21st day of female's menstrual cycle
what is the second leading cause of death for women in the U.S.? breast cancer
as the zygote travels down the fallopian tube toward the uterus, it divides many times cell division
the union of a male sperm cell and a female egg cell comception
the process by which the zygote attaches to the uterine wall implantation
true or false: the embryo is called a fetus after about 8 weeks true
a thin, fluid filled membrane that surrounds and protects the developing embryo amniotic sac
a thick, blood- rich tissue that lines the walls during pregnancy and nourishes the body placenta
the cell that results from fertilization zygote
a cluster of cells that develops between the third and eighth week of pregnancy embryo
what are the main nutrients a woman should get during pregnancy? calcium, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, folic acid
developed from a single fertilized ovum and therefor have the same genotype, sex, and appearance identical twins
not necessarily resembling each other, not the same sex, and develop from 2 separately fertilized ova fraternal twins
defects that include both physical and mental problems due to alcohol fetal alcohol syndrome
what are 4 hazards women should avoid in the environment lead, mercury, smog, radiation
takes place at least three weeks before due date premature birth
the spontaneous expulsion of a fetus occurring before the twentieth week of pregnancy miscarriage
the delivery of a fetus that has died after the twentieth week of pregnancy. stillbirth
results when a zygote implants not in the uterus but in the fallopian tube, abdomen, ovary, or cervix Ectopic pregnancy
what are the three steps in childbirth labor, delivery, afterbirth
how is the diet of a pregnant female important to the growing fetus if you gain too little weight, the baby could be small and undeveloped. if you gain too much, it could result in an early delivery
inability to reproduce sterility
what are the two small glands that secrete testosterone and produce sperm testes
what is the external skin sac on a male reproductive organ scrotum
what is the male sex hormone called testosterone
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