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Health Ethic Final

St. Kates

Moral Rights The rights have a moral basis on judgements of Rights or wrong
Rights and Obligations The Rights, claims and justicifed rights create the obligations. For example the syllabus is a contract that can't be changed.
Confidentiality Confidetaully is the hallmark of confidents professinal person you are becoming. confidentiality protects tehir privacy. Hippa listens to follow guidelines.
Hippa follow 2 guidelines Tarasoff standards: possible negative outcome Clear statement by client Duty to Report: Regarding issues that already happened. Child abuse, drug abuse, injuries
What is Justice Justice means threating equals and equally and unequal’s and unequally. Driving drunk would they be equal? NO Justice protects the vulnerable and impair.
Fair Oppournity rule You should never have undesired advantage or disadvantages. Example wearing scrubs to your doctor’s appt. they may assume something they don't know.
Role Duty Do what your train to do not what you are not train to do.
Beneficence Kindness action you can take to help them, fix their pillow, warm blankets
Nonmuleficence Do not harm. Example call me when you want to get out of bed.
Veracity Truthfulness, letting clients know so they can make a good decision, Agreement of the truth.
Autonomy The person makes their own decision. Having the right to your own opinion. You have enough information to decide for yourself.
Virtue What kind of person am I becoming? Is this action going to make me a persoon I want to be?
Utility Greatest Good for the Greatest number of people. It is the least harm to fewer people.
Confintiality Utility Insures health care will be in business. Always look the outcome.
Two Kinds of Utility Act: Examine every action and assest its utiliy Rule: looks at teh general rule, outcome and consequenses. Traffic: you would advoid by country roads or highway?
Advanced Care Plan 3 steps 1. think about or consider what your wishes and goals would be 2. Assigned a health care adgent, someone who speaks for you 3. health care directive, the document of wishes
Duty Intrest in what right or wrong NOT the outcome. Uses the principal call Unversal principal. Example "I only need to know what my duty is, cause the rest dont matter." Kids are bad, do I feed them? yes it is my duty.
Biographical life. All the details of my life..
Biological Life that separates from non living.
Euthansia ACTIVE activily bring about the death of person who is suffering from an uncurale disease or condition.
Ethansia PASSIVE Allowing a person who is surffereing from an incurable diesases or condition to die by with holding treatment.
GateKeeping Guiding the wellbeing of your proffension and your clients. Wanting OT to look good.
Consequentalist Right Consequents if you break these rights. example, running a light, go to jail. CAUTIONS: be careful what you call a rightt
Contractarian Rights We have a contract and the right falls into that.
natural Rights Natural rights you are born with. Theory is the human rights.
Imperect obligations you don't have to fulfill it is up to me to decied. you have to be nice to me? no
perfect obligations You have to fulfill clients rights, but you have an obligation. Example, a client comes in whom shoto people, you have to treat him. Right to bias but keep it to yourself.
Positive Rights Goods or servies, universal human rights; do give these things
Negative Do not interfer
Legal rights Right that are put into law, Highway lights
Act Utilitilitism Examine every action and assess it's utility. kill 1 bad and 10 good people die too.`
Big Ethics Big ethics is the great policies decision that affect everyone
Little ethics. trying to protect yourself (flu shot)
Perntaltics intervention Dr. decide what should be done.
Scarce Not enough of it :blood, organs, ICU
Expensive Cost alot : botox, vigra
neutral no information about client or their condition
non neutral requires them to make a compairable judgement
Commuduty Changes for best on market,supply and depedent
Social good everyone contributes so everyone has it.
Created by: stacykay19