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True or False?

StatementTrue or False?
Psychologists diagnose and treat physical disorders False. physical-mental
Those who impulsively spend money on items they can't afford or don't need are compulsive shoppers True
People who have mental disorders have trouble telling the difference between real or imaged fears True
Personal pessimism is one of the most important tasks you will accomplish during your teen years False. pessimism-identity
Schizophrenics go to the doctor frequently because they are convinced they are sick when there is no physical cause False. Schizophrenics-Hypochondriacs
Those that are bipolar have extreme mood swings True
Joe just lost $10,000 gambling and now wants to bet his car. This is extreme gambling disorder. True
Using tobacco, alcohol, and drugs help someone relieve stress. False. relieve-increase
Depression is the feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, and sadness. True
Coach gives you advice on how to improve a mistake. This is criticism. False. criticism-constructive criticism
Happiness, sadness, and anger are all examples of hormones. False. hormones-emotions
Those suffering from hypochondria have delusions, hallucinations, and thought disorders. False. hypochondria-schizophrenia
A self-help book endorsed by a celebrity is certain to contain sound advice. False. certain-not always certain
Stress tolerance indicates the amount of stress a person can handle before it becomes too much True
Empathy is the ability to understand signals that tell your mind and body how to act. False. empathy-emotions
Emotions are irrational fears False. emotions-phobias
Pessimists can change their behaviors. True
Resilient people can relate to a spring on a pogo stick. True
A history of mental disorders and exposures to other suicides can decrease a person's temptations to commit suicide. False. decrease-increase
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