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health nine week

what are examples of prejudice? I think kids from private schools are stuck up
what are examples of bullying? Shoving younger kids on the bus
what should you do, if you are being bullied at school? tell a parent or adult
What are examples of being assertive? tell someone thai food is not your favorite and politely suggest something else
what are examples of active listening? paying close attention to what someone is saying and communicating
what are examples of body language? nodding, turning around, looking at the ground
what is an example for constructive criticism? next time, would you mind calling me first to let me know you're coming over
what are the stages of a workout warm-up, workout, cool-down
stronger muscles, stronger bones and greater energy are all examples of physical activities _________ physical benefits
what is a mental/emotional benefit of physical activity? reduced stress
what is a good way to test your cardiovascular fitness? the time it takes to run or walk a mile
what target heart rate should a healthy 30-year-old's be in? 94-159 beats per minute
what is an exercise to improve flexibility? stretching exercises
if you want to improve cardiovascular, you should perform aerobic exercise for how long and how many times a week? 3 times per week for 20 minutes
which principal of fitness involves gradually increasing the demand on your body? progression
when is the most important time to stretch during an exercise session? while cooling down
what are symptoms of hypothermia? drowsiness, weakness, confusion
how can you relieve muscle cramps? stretching
Minor injuries muscle cramps, strains, sprains, tendinitis
Major injuries fractures, dislocations, concussion
how do you improve cardiovascular fitness? performing aerobic exercises
how do you improve muscular strength and endurance? anaerobic exercises
what is anaerobic exercise? fast, burst of energy
what is aerobic exercise? long duration exercises
use muscle tension to improve strength with little or no movement of the body isometric exercise
combine movement for joints with contraction of the muscles isotonic exercise
exert resistance against muscle as it moves through a range of motion at a steady rate of speed isokinetic exercise
how do weight-bearing exercises help you? they work with gravity and are good for strengthening muscles
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