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Health well being

Stress, mental health, ect.

5 aspects ofwell being Emotional/ mental Social Physical spiritual personal responsibility
stress bodies response to change around it
stressor a trigger to stress
distress negative stress that can hold a person back
eustress positive stress that can encourage or challenge a person
health pyramid physiological safety love esteem self actualization
self esteem how you regard or value yourself
self concept the picture we have of ourselves and the way we belive other people see us
self worth how much people value themselves
depression signs-4 withdrawel loss of interest in usual activities depression cry easily
componets of fitness cardiorespitory endurance muscular strength muscular endurance flexibility
physical activty pyramid moderate aerobic anarobic flexibility sedentary activities
Body image how you see and feel about apearance and how comfortable you are with your body
endomorph gain fat quickly, gain muscle quickly, short, slow metabolism
ectomorph thin, tall, small shoulders, delicate
mesomorph athletic, defined muscles, strong, gains muscle easily.
Created by: KenzieLocke