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WVSOM - Nutrition-3

Obesity and Weight Control

Simple diet messages Build a healthy plate (MyPlate); cut back on foods high in solid fats, added sugars, and salt; eat the right amount of calories for you (portion size); be physically active your way
Kids (6-17 y) physical activity guidelines 60min/day of moderate or vigorous physical activity; vigorous aerobic activity 3 day/wk; strength and bone strengthening 3 day/wk
Adults (18-64 y) physical activity guidelines 150min/wk of moderate, 75min/wk of vigorous aerobic activity; 300min of moderate and 150 of vigorous activity a wk for extensive health benefits; stength exercises 2 days/wk
Adults (65+ y) physical activity guidelines Follow adult guidelines w/i individual capacity; improve or maintain balance; set intensity and durations according to individual capacities
Is weight loss used only to improve physical fitness? NO
Behavior change models Knowledge-attitude-behavior, behavior learning theory, health belief model, theory of planned behavior, transtheoretical model (stages of change)
Have portion sizes increased from 20 years ago? YES
What is the average kcal intake of an American today? 3,900 kcal/day
kcals = 1 pound? 3,600 kcals
BMI equal to & greater than 25 Considered overweight and a health risk
BMI equal to & greater than 24 Risk for diabetes, CHD, cancer, and stroke
BMI equal to & greater than 23 Increases risk for hypertension
BMI equal to & greater than 22 Increases risk for cardiovascular disease
BMI equal to & greater than 20 Increases risk for type II diabetes
BMI equal to & greater than 19 Increases risk for all-mortality in women
BMI < 18.5 Considered undernourished or anorectic
Factors contributing to obesity Genetic, metabolic, diseases, BEHAVIORAL, environmental, cultural, economic, social
Top 3 health problems associated with obesity CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE, HYPERTENSION, DIABETES
Other health problems associated with obesity Metabolic syndrome; stroke; obstructive sleep apnea; gout; hyperlipidemias; kidney problems; skin problems; joint, muscle, connective tissue injuries; cancer; reproductive malfunctiion; pyschological problems
BMI < 18.5 Underweight
BMI 18.5-24.9 Normal weight
BMI 25 - 29.9 Overweight
BMI 30+ Obese, moderate, morbid, I, II, III
Children: BMI for age (greater than/equal to) 85% Overweight
Children: BMI for age (greater than/equal to) 95% Obese
Children: BMI for age (greater than/equal to) 99% Morbid obese
Created by: JaneO